Kate lives a rough and tumble life. She sometimes has sex with werewolves, and at other times, chains them to a wall and tortures them for information (and a little bit for fun). She would rather get her own hands dirty than expect someone else to do it for her, and eagerly teaches Allison how to defend herself—showing her techniques, arming her with weapons, and preparing her for “the real world.” She believes the best training is through hands-on experience, so she doesn’t hesitate to throw Allison into dangerous situations. She’s good at improvisation and has a reputation for recklessness that often troubles her brother, who wishes she would hold back and think before she acts. Kate quickly sizes up situations and finds the logic in them, leaping into action or covering up others’ fumbles. She isn’t intimidated by problems, since Kate can just try out one solution at a time until she finds one that sticks. Her tendency is to tell it like it is, and she doesn’t mince words. Her charm comes out when she needs it to; she’s not above forming an emotional connection to others to get what she wants… and she quite enjoys torturing Derek, and seeing the effect on his emotions her taunts produce. Kate unnecessarily goads him about the loss of his sister just to watch him suffer. Though not one to think in the long term, Kate does on occasion visualize her futuristic goals and use that as a way to shift others toward what she wants from them; she often doesn’t foresee the consequences of her decisions or think much beyond the present.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/sp

Kate doesn’t believe in holding back in life – she goes after it with both hands. She is aggressive and unforgiving, even known to hack werewolves to death (or sleep with them, since that’s also a rush). She and her brother fight about how much Allison should know about the world they deal in, since her brother wants to protect his daughter, and Kate thinks she should get prepared to defend herself. She will buck and challenge authority, never backing down, never showing fear, and having a black and white mindset about their enemies; creatures need “put down,” and she’s here to do it. There’s no room for weakness, for compassion, or mercy in her world, since she sees things in terms of who has the power and who wants it. Kate can be hedonistic and pleasure-seeking, often enjoying the highs that come from putting herself in danger. She’s known for her one-night stands and party lifestyle when she’s not “down to business.”