Jackson doesn’t always think before he acts; when he sees something different about Scott that allows him to excel at lacrosse, he wants in on it and assumes it is drugs. Once that doesn’t pan out, Jackson finds out about werewolves, and insists Scott introduce him to the alpha and get him a bite. He rushes into the transformation, which turns him into another creature entirely. Unsure of what is happening to him, he sets up a video camera in his room to capture any strange behaviors at night. He is competitive and hard-working, but also opportunistic. He sizes up the situation between Allison and Scott and figures out how he can use blackmail to get what he wants. He immediately picks up on Allison and Scott’s dynamic and figures out how to twist it to his advantage. Jackson, according to his dad, is very hard on himself, pushes himself to succeed, and doesn’t talk about his feelings to anyone, ever. When he is disappointed at not turning into a werewolf, he lashes out at his loved ones rather than process his feelings. Though he’s self-absorbed most of the time, he does protect his friends from his alternate self and kill himself to ensure that he cannot hurt any of them. He is mostly concerned for his own welfare, and keeps his feelings to himself. He is more concerned with what’s going on in his life, when he talks to Lydia about giving his key back, than he cares about what is going on with her – she just turned up naked in the woods, after being gone for two days, and he’s preoccupied with “my stuff.” He is affected when she gets upset, tries to comfort her, and winds up kissing her. He is direct and goes for the easiest method to get things, rather than exerting effort—using blackmail, making Allison like him and threatening to hurt her to motivate Scott, dumping Lydia, wanting to be a werewolf so he can have super strength, and threatening to go to the police when the gang kidnaps him. He doesn’t always fully consider the consequences of his decisions before he makes them. His instincts are good; he knows that something is different about Scott, and that it’s more than just a summer full of practicing, but he also misjudges and is wrong about almost everyone (he assumes Lydia broke into his house and edited his tape, but he’s wrong; he has no reason to suspect her, only irrational paranoia about her intentions).

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Jackson is all about appearances – being the captain of the lacrosse team, dating the most beautiful and richest girl in school, being master of the lacrosse field, as an all-around superstar. He shows off his status with expensive cars and toys, in a desperate attempt to impress and elicit admiration and love from others. Jackson reacts with aggression and dominance when threatened, becoming upset when Scott’s new abilities steal the attention from him. He’s willing to cut corners and do dangerous things to get what he wants (like, becoming a werewolf). He can be apathetic and emotionally cut off under stress, unreachable until Lydia awakens him (3 moving to 9). His 4 wing makes him feel a sense of abandonment and isolation, longing for what he cannot have and feeling jealous of others’ success and acceptance from their family.