Derek is rational and consistent in his conclusions, choosing to share his thought process with no one else. His methods can be brutal and rational – like wanting to kill a threat rather than mess about with neutralizing it, but as Peter often points out, he’s not focusing on the whole picture or the fall-out. Derek forms a wolf pack out of a bunch of kids, because it fulfills his need for a pack, but it will mean none of them challenge him for dominance. He’s also analytical enough to figure out quickly how to control himself, by holding onto his anger (which keeps him from transforming unless he wants to – this is figuring out a system and beating it, Ti-reasoning). Peter calls him impulsive and reckless, rushing into situations and not stopping to think about what could happen next. Derek often goes for the most obvious, immediate solution to problems, even though it will cost him (when he has poison rushing through his veins, he can’t see any other solution than to cut his own arm off to stop it from reaching his heart). Derek is physically engaging of his environment. He sees a chance to act and takes it—from changing Erika in the hospital to saving Scott’s life on more than one occasion by leaping in and dragging him out of the line of fire. He has no problem in engaging in a fight, or using his charms on a beautiful woman as a distraction. He cuts quickly to the truth of other people and situations; he instinctively knows Scott’s potential and often comes up with true explanations off the cuff (“I can see why you don’t want to be in my pack, Scott; you already have one of your own”). Once he sets his mind on something, it’s nearly impossible to stop him. Derek has very little patience for their feelings or whining about how tired they are in training; as he tells it, he’s teaching them how to fight for their lives, not for fun. Derek feels a low key desire to take care of his pack, and help others out; he shows some ability to charm and seduce, when he appeals to Erika and then befriends and romances the schoolteacher. On occasion, he lets his emotions color his decisions, but not often (inferior Fe).

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sx

Derek is all about dominance, aggression, and power. He asserts himself with Kate and meets her on her own terms – he had a hot and heavy sexual affair with her in the past, but isn’t afraid to engage in knock down, drag out fights with her in the present. He sneers at weakness and can control his wolf abilities by “channeling my anger, which keeps me human.” He tries to turn his pack into tough, no-nonsense, ruthless fighters. His intense emotions drive him to avenge his sister, hunt down her murderer, and seek revenge. Derek does not want to go back to being “normal,” nor sets out to bond with anyone – he likes to be a ‘lone’ wolf (but still the alpha). He’s fearless, opportunistic, and sometimes unrealistic in his ambitions. His 9 wing does not broadcast his power or dominance, and instead uses a quiet, steady, lethal calm that unnerves his enemies. He feels he’s helping abused and marginalized kids to escape their problems by making them into his pack.