Allison is quite methodical in her approach to life and in how she figures out the truth about her family, about Scott, and investigates the weird things that happen around them. She often consults the Bestiary, since she trusts that previous hunters might have some wisdom to share about various creatures and situations. She notices, where Lydia dismisses it, that the mysterious girl who grabbed their arms left a bruise on them in a strange shape, and does research to find out what that symbol means. She becomes an expert archer and uses that skill more than any other, even employing it after her mom dies to enact revenge on those she deems responsible. She has a lot of trouble moving on from the things that happen to her, because they’re so much a part of her psyche; even after she has broken up with Scott, she continues to look after him and take care of him. She thinks about how he might feel if she starts dating another guy, and asks Isaac, when Isaac makes a move on her, if “Scott is okay with this.” It’s only after hearing that he is that she decides to go ahead and do it. She and Isaac like each other, but don’t really do anything about it for a long time, because she insists she won’t date another werewolf. She notices minor details, such as finding a  shard of glass in her aunt’s car, which causes her to suspect the  stories they told her (flat tire, jump start) were lies. From there, she starts following people around, sneaking into their rooms in the middle of the night, and going through their possessions in search of the  truth. She steals a condom from her aunt’s bag, thinking she and Scott might need it at some future date. Allison is warm and comfortable expressing her feelings; she isn’t afraid to talk about what she wants in a relationship or to act on it, but is also aware of and concerned for others’ feelings. She will often ‘act out’ and mirror people’s emotional states, such as when he tells Isaac she won’t kiss him, and he whips his shirt off; Allison instantly jerks her own shirt off, to prove to him that she’s unphazed by it. She’s good at being flirtatious, and also somewhat drawn in by Jackson’s superficial charm; she sees him as a friend and confides in him, until she finds out he’s dangerous and only using him. Allison problem-solves by experimentation; when she finds an unidentified object in her father’s garage, she sticks it on the end of an arrow and fires it into a tree—just to  find out what happens. Allison is very emotional and easily hurt. After she breaks up with Scott, she takes it personally when he gives her photos of them together, and accuses him of “trying to hurt” her. Allison believes in trading things – she accepts Lydia’s apology for making out with Scott, but makes her go out with Stiles as payment. Her  inferior intuition shows in how, for seventeen years, she never once put  together the pieces of the lie her family lived to protect her; and then  one little incident (she catches them in a lie) causes her to realize  there is “more going on” beneath things than she thought, and go in  search of the truth.

Enneagram: cp 6w7 sp/sx

Allison operates out of a place of fear and distrust, and it is very easy for her to start doubting other people if she finds out they are keeping secrets from her. She becomes suspicious of her father, once she has proof he lied to her. When Scott abandons her in the school (to protect her), she doesn’t feel like she can trust him anymore, and breaks up with him. She admits to her aunt that she “just wants to live one day without fear.” She wants to learn to protect herself, and did not like feeling “helpless.” After she dumps Scott, Allison latches onto Jackson as an ally. She’s happiest when she’s part of a group, mobilized and working together for a common good (Lydia, Stiles, Scott, and herself… or herself and her family). She waffles between too much trust and not enough, and sends Scott mixed messages. She’s never quite sure she did “the right thing,” and turns to others (usually her aunt) for advice on what to do. Her 7 wing helps her move into action rather than get frozen in fear; she also is funny, assertive, and wants to have a good time. There’s a rebelliousness about her (6) but also a fun-loving side (7 wing).