Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Lydia is super organized and efficient, but also very logical. Stiles credits her with being a “genius,” because she can solve problems and calculate things in her head. Lydia has a natural instinct to learn anything she puts her mind to, and is both bored with school (because it is “so easy”) and feels a strong drive toward success and a challenge. Lydia is a planner, but also impulsive in desiring immediate action. She sometimes gets her friends out of trouble by taking a logical step for them, but also sometimes gets herself into trouble by acting too quickly. She has a tendency to want to “fix” things (and people), and likes having her life under control. Whenever anyone asks her how she knew something, Lydia carelessly answers, “I read it in a book once.” She can store enormous amounts of information in her mind, and recall facts and details with total clarity. Her own former experiences, as well as the success of others, shapes how she approaches everything in her life, from her relationships to major problem-solving. Lydia likes familiarity and has a tendency to want to do some of the same things more than once (continue to have her annual party, etc). She is practical, down to earth, and detailed in her homework as well as her personal life. At first, Lydia doesn’t trust her “premonitions” that come with her Banshee abilities, but as she becomes more comfortable with them and experiences them multiple times, she starts to trust herself more and is open to using her abilities for good. Lydia sometimes shuts Stiles’ creative outpourings down but at other times is willing to listen and discuss ideas with him. Her continual boredom in school and tendency to read extensively implies a greater yearning to know and experience the “unknown.” Rather than deal with her emotions, Lydia ignores them in the hope that they will disappear. She isn’t good at handling them and sometimes erupts into a full blown panic attack. But she feels things deeply and whenever forced to deal purely in her emotions, makes some very unhealthy decisions. Lydia yearns for connections, but is more comfortable with “impartial” relationships. She pursues the things she cares about most and is very loyal to her friends (inferior Fi).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Lydia cares very much how she comes across to others, and merges with them to create a persona that pleases them – around Jackson, she pretends not to be as intelligent, in order to stroke his ego and maintain his affections. She throws parties and insists they are the “social event of the year.” Lydia can also be somewhat immune to her own feelings – she doesn’t realize how hungry she is for love, and instead focuses on immediate gratification and popularity (sex and keeping the boys in awe of her) rather than doing much soul-searching. Whenever she’s depressed, she retreats into her room, falls into bed, and does nothing for days on end except give in to numbness and nothingness (moving to unhealthy 9 behaviors). Her 2 wing desperately seeks love, and assumes she has to be “helpful” and “giving” (satisfying Jackson’s needs) to get it.