Scott feels things intensely, yet struggles to get them out; his mother, the evening of the dance, has to tell him “girls love words. Say I love you, and say it again. Find different ways to say it. A thousand ways to say it. Carve it in a tree. Get it tattooed on your arm. Just tell her.” He has an independent and strong moral code separate from all his friends—when Stiles tells him he doesn’t have to save everyone, Scott argues that yes, he does, he feels compelled to save everyone. Sometimes, when everything goes wrong, Scott will have a meltdown and conclude that he doesn’t know what to do (like when his pants split before the dance; his mother calmly sits him down, and sews them for him). His ability to act quick on his feet and improvise impresses Peter, who says that not all beta wolves are “that smart” in using their environment – he has Stiles run into the back of Peter’s parked car, to save his mother’s life; he improvises when Mr. Argent catches him at their house, after stealing her necklace, and pretends he was there to talk to her; he aggressively and physically throws himself into action to save, protect, and defend his friends. But his intuition is also good. Scott “just knows” that Derek can help him control his inner wolf. He trusts that hunch and operates off it. He puts two and two together, and figures out who the alpha is, and why. He sees Derek heading for the fallen alpha and instantly realizes his intention, to kill him and become the new alpha. He realizes why the alpha murdered Derek’s family. In intense situations, Scott launches into action—he shifts into problem-solving mode (inferior Te) rather than questioning why things are happening to him.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sx

Scott is mostly concerned with serving others, being helpful, and doing the right thing; he often rushes out of class to console someone, and has a little trouble articulating his needs to other people. Scott is always at work on time (until teenage wolf problems arise), responsible, honest, sincere, and hard-working, with good grades that suffer because he spends so much time helping his friends. He has a fair-minded approach to situations, wanting peace among his loved ones and not to upset his mother unnecessarily; he can also shift into dominant (8 disintegration) behavior under stress.