Tigh is practical and oriented by the book – he often points out to Adama how people ‘should’ act according to their rank and rules, and conflicts with Starbuck because she is so insubordinate – doing whatever she wants, mouthing off to her superior officers, and not respecting protocol. He’s content to stay in a supportive role to Adama and not ambitious enough to make a bid for a stronger rank, despite his wife’s encouragement in that direction. He would rather support a powerful person than take on the responsibility himself. He fights his alcoholism throughout his stay on Galactica, returning to it even in times of intense stress. He is quite physical and even aggressive, such as when he strikes Boomer across the face (on her injured cheek) for shooting Adama. He tends to take things at face value at first (not considering that his wife could be a Cylon, and being offended that Adama was cautious about letting her come on board). Under stress, Tigh becomes more reckless with low Ne – he jumps them back into a dangerous zone to get coordinates to the missing fleet after prematurely ordering them to jump away, lingers long enough for the Cylons to break their firewall, and then finds the rest of the ships – a risk that paid off. Tigh makes good use of the illegal underground trading system, to ensure his wife has whatever she wants. He has strong, rational judgments he uses to help Adama make decisions; he points out the consequences of allowing Starbuck to talk back, and recklessly do whatever she wants, as reflecting on her general attitude toward “command.” When Adama is shot and possibly might die, Tigh effectively assumes the position of commander, and makes tactical, logical decisions to help them escape the Cylons (some of them more “dangerous” than Adama would agree with, such as linking their computer systems behind a firewall for temporary access), but he does not “want” the leadership position and feels relieved to have Adama returned to his post. He’s agreeable to the idea of assassinating Admiral Cain, once he finds out her barbaric methods with the Fleet (cannibalizing other ships for parts, shooting the families of those who refused to transfer, and abandoning people to the Cylons). These behaviors offend him. He can be moody and irritable, often overreacting to perceived insults, but he also has a strong sense of personal morality that won’t let him violate his standards (causing him to even order his wife’s execution as a Cylon).

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Tigh has a reputation for being a tough, no-nonsense talker. He gets on people for not doing their job right. He pushes Adama to take more decisive action. He finds Starbuck’s bucking of authority problematic. He tells people off when they get out of line, and even punch them in the face. He can be belligerent and rude, but also smart and able to keep a cool head in a conflict. Tigh never panics and never backs down or shows genuine fear. His anger can manifest in physical violence, with Boomer or those who pull a gun on him. He is also often running away from his softer felings through sensual distractions (drunkenness, sex with his wife, hedonism of all kinds) and does not want to face the hard things in his past.