Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Boomer operates out of her sense of self, and doesn’t much care for what society thinks of her relationship with the Chief—she continues to have it even after they enter military operations, because she’s in love with and drawn to him. She feels morally offended to discover she is a Cylon, under the influence of “programming.” She’s devastated to learn she shot Adama under the influence of this programming, and when returned to Caprica and in another body, proceeds to isolate herself from the other Cylons in an attempt to work through her emotions. She feels, out of all the models, “the most like a human being.” She only comes out of her emotional shell once Caprica Six convinces her that they can “change” the mindset of the Cylons. Her inferior Te shows in her technical expertise while piloting, but she also automatically defers to Chief and expects him to fix anything that goes wrong. She is a courageous pilot and risk-taker, who isn’t afraid to jump out of her pilot’s seat and undertake dangerous work inside a Cylon ship. Boomer acts out her anger through a punching bag, and can become physically violent when threatened or angry—going so far as to shatter things in her apartment. Caprica Six easily gains her confidence by pretending to be hurt. Boomer intuitively feels something “wrong” and accurately suspects she is a Cylon. She also has an intuitive insight into how to get the Cylon ship to respond to them. She says you need to treat it like a pet, because it’s not just a machine, but a living creature.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/sx

Though Boomer does take risks and flout the rules, she is fear-driven and specifically turns to another person (Chief) in her distress to “save her.” She wants his reassurance and support when she wakes up and does not remember where she was or what she did, but has a bag full of explosives sitting in front of her. She unhooks an explosive device, but lets him “take care of it.” She becomes hysterical and needy, the more she doubts her own mind and conclusions; she looks to Baltar to confirm she is not a Cylon, and feels relieved by the answers to his test. On Caprica, she is suspicious of Six’s motives in trying to be her friend, and in an emotional state of distrust and anger.