Six primarily wants emotional harmony in her environment – so she easily understands and responds to Baltar’s emotional state, using his feelings to manipulate him into giving her what she wants. She targets his emotions when she is upset (dressing down, out of her usual sexy attire, and accusing him of having a mental problem and hallucinating her) and is easily emotionally impacted. Her incarnation on Caprica forms an alliance with Boomer, because of their shared sense of “being human” – and she encourages Boomer to help her “change the Cylon’s focus.” She uses her influence to shift their intention off of merely destroying humanity, and instead seeking a path of higher enlightenment. In a negative mood, Six can resort to moodiness and over-sensitivity. She is easily hurt, offended whenever Baltar maligns her religious beliefs or calls her “just a machine.” Her various incarnations display different degrees of cold-bloodedness (some of them choosing suicide and to destroy humanity in the process) in the service of a “higher good” (the fate of “her people,” the Cylons). She never once questions her own motives or visions, or attempts to back up her insights with rationality, instead focusing on persuasion (inferior Ti deferring to Fe-dom tactics). Her vision drives Baltar. She sees a different world, a different version of him, and pushes him toward it, always keeping her eye on the future and her goals, always striving for perfection, always wanting to achieve a higher purpose. She foresees things and warns him of trouble; she predicts various people will be useful to him, that President Roslin “can see right through you,” and he must protect their child to “protect the future of humanity.” Six can be focused, ambitious, and idealistic, sensitive to her influences but never wavering from her convictions or doubting her intuitive conclusions. She often whispers things to Gaius, to get him to suspect others’ true motives and ambitions. She is also far more opportunistic and aware of possibilities than he is, through her tert-Se. Six uses sex to control him. She’s a deeply sensual Cylon, devoted to pleasure and unafraid to use her body to get what she wants. She is opportunistic and leaps on chances to further her cause, such as when she urges him to run for the presidency, to settle on New Caprica, and create a lie to save the baby.

Enneagram: 2w1 sx/so

Six wants others to like her, and feels deeply injured when they reject her as a Cylon. She connects easily to others, feels their pain, and wants to help them overcome their miseries – even if it means killing a baby, so it does not suffer “what is to come.” She earns Baltar’s devotions through seducing him and by constantly giving him advice, but she also heavily uses her 1 wing to try and force him to become a better man. She pushes him to be ambitious, to not be a coward, to get right with “the gods.” She feels she is in some way, doing the gods’ work in his life and that he needs her, to help him find his redemption. She focuses all her sensual manipulative energy on Baltar, becoming the one thing he needs most and in so doing, earning his love and trust. She’s emotional and passionate, appealing to him on every level she can think of (intellectual and physical). Whenever he steps out of line, she knocks him back into it with aggression and dominance, even violence as she disintegrates into 8.