Lee has a strong sense of how things should be and wants to follow the rules and procedures that keep them all safe, which means he is often in an argument with Starbuck due to her insubordination, risk-taking, and flagrant disregard of the chain of command. He is traditionally minded, assuming after a night spent with Starbuck, they will get married. When she marries Anders the next morning, he proposes to another girl, leading to his own unhappiness within the marriage. He is capable of acting within his environment to resolve problems, and shows an open-minded approach to alternate points of view (lower Ne) whenever he is exposed to people of differing moral opinions. He does not always leave a situation with the same opinion as when he entered it. Roslin wants him on her team, because he is a “competent negotiator between me and your father.” He understands the rules, procedures, and policies of the military and can educate her on how best to approach situations she is not familiar with, while also reasoning with his father to be considerate of appropriateness and find terms everyone can agree with. He is often a voice of moral reasoning, willing to listen to both sides in any debate and mediate between them. When his father sends him to arrest Roslin, he refuses in favor of supporting her. He feels guilt in cheating on his wife, and a moral obligation to stop.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Out of all the people on the Galactica, Lee is the most principled. He refuses to obey orders if he believes they are immoral—he doesn’t like the idea of “cheating” on an election, even if it is a life or death situation. He refuses to arrest Roslin on principle when he believes it to be wrong, and refuses to reconcile with his father until Adama admits that he was in thee wrong. Despite his dislike for criminals, Lee argues for their right to survive and earn the same rights as everyone aboard the fleet. He tries to do “right” in every situation, and be useful where he can.