Adama tackles every situation with the facts first. He is quick to organize others to maximum efficiency, and give them a chain of command they can respect and rely on for their survival. He’s unafraid to make tough and unpopular decisions, and his tactics can often seem cold to outsiders. Adama forces on determining the consequences of their decisions and searches for the best possible outcome for the majority, even if it means crossing a moral line (arranging a fixed election, wanting to be rid of a child, destroying the Olympic Carrier).  Even though Adama is not quick to share his emotions, he holds personal grudges against those who disobey his orders or wrong him in some way. He makes value judgments based on his own opinions, rather than catering to the larger beliefs of the community he lives in (even if that means assassinating a higher-ranking officer). He has a very strong personal beliefs and standards, which he abides by with all rigidity. He is very traditional and practical. Adama does things not because he enjoys them, but because that is how it has always been done (welcoming Laura on board with official colors). He deals with the here and now, while sometimes delving into the past and his experiences in battle situations. Adama only wants to focus on what is actually proven and known. He has no interest in fanciful ideas or far-fetched visions for the future. Once faced with an impossible situation, Adama gives a greater vision to the Fleet through his lie about knowing the whereabouts of Earth. He does it to keep morale up. He is hesitant to release information about the Cylon operatives within the Fleet, for fear that it will cause distrust among the survivors. He has an overall vision of what they must do (survive and begin a new life) and strives to accomplish it.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Adama is an efficient, detached problem-solver, trustful of his own sense of right and wrong. He is principled, hard-working, and meticulous. Self-controlled, he often represses his anger and/or lets it out in short bursts. He doesn’t like it when others break the rules and endanger his fleet, and sometimes chastises his son for his inappropriate behavior. Adama often has an internal debate whenever he thinks to keep the fleet safe, he must do something immoral – like considering assassinating Laura early on, and choosing not to, out of moral convictions. His 2 wing makes him group-focused, able to tolerate his friends’ imperfections, but also see himself as the “grandfather of the fleet.” He gives his entire focus to the human race, as a group, and then looks after his own mental and physical needs.