Laura is quick to put together unseen connections; she knows instinctively that Adama is lying about knowing the whereabouts of earth; in spite of all evidence, her gut instinct tells her Gaius had something to do with what happened on Caprica; she knows they shouldn’t set up a commune on any planet except earth; and that Admiral Cain will move to assassinate Adama, so she encourages him to make a preemptive strike once they resolve the Cylon problem. Laura is able to put aside her personal feelings to keep the bigger picture in view—when Adama points out “that number doesn’t go up very often” (how many souls they have in the fleet), she realizes to continue protecting the human race, they need to outlaw abortion on a temporary basis, in order to sustain reproductive cycles. Often, she has prophetic dreams that later come true. Her forward-focus is always on the potential pitfalls and future of the Fleet. She hates traditions and ceremony, preferring instead to focus on the task at hand. Laura can be fanciful and a romantic when it comes to her religious ideology and she is determined to force reality to conform to it, even when circumstances thwart her plans. She’s a rational decision-maker. Though her detractors accuse her of using “old systems from Caprica,” Roslin keeps them because they work effectively despite the change in circumstances (if it isn’t broke, don’t tamper with it). Though she has advocated for women’s rights “my entire career,” she puts aside her personal views on the factual basis that if they do not start repopulating, the human race will be extinct in 18 years. She argues that Baltar’s presidential campaign promises are not based in facts. When Admiral Cain comes into the fleet and outranks Adama, Roslin instantly sees the potential power dynamic problem and suggests he takes drastic steps to take control, to protect the human race. She takes a hard line, refusing to negotiate with terrorists and throwing known Cylons out the airlock. Roslin keeps her illness a secret as long as she can, knowing it will lower public morale. She doesn’t easily confide in others her feelings. She shows almost no inferior Se—although she is willing to put her life on the line, and herself under great risk, to seek out a temple that may lead them to earth. She also conducted an illicit affair with the president on Caprica, while being part of his cabinet.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Roslin operates from a position of fear and distrust. She worries that Adama may be a Cylon and orders his test done “first,” then worries Ellen may be one, and has her test bumped up. She distrusts Baltar and his intentions. She has an instinctive sense of Admiral Cain as a dangerous and untrustworthy person, who must be “eliminated.” Baltar accuses her of “ruling through fear,” when she accurately (and wisely) believes they cannot settle anywhere but earth, due to the potential risk of Cylons finding them. She is counter-phobic, though, so she always takes a position of strength and decisiveness, to counter her anxiety. She is distrustful of others and suspicious of their motives. She turns to Lee, then Adama, for reassurances during her presidency, and even reverses some of her policies to more reflect their opinions. Her 5 wing is secretive, self-reliant, and prefers to watch from the sidelines. She is able to remain impassive and objective in a conflict.