Even as a child, Don preferred the truth of a situation (“he’s not my brother”) to the socially-appropriate response; as an adult, he’s quite detached. He goes into his office alone to think his way through his ad campaigns and come up with viable ideas. He prefers to see the world a certain way, and is not interested in changing up that understanding; this contributes to his period-accurate ideas about race, gender, and sexuality. He can, however, come across as very cold and distant to his loved ones, especially his wife and children. His low Fe is able to stay socially appropriate in many situations, but is actively poor at thinking about other people’s feelings—such as when he wants to get back at his wife for bossing him around too much that day, so he leaves to get the cake… and never brings it home. In punishing Betty, he hurt his little girl. Another example is his awkward handling of his half-brother’s visit and arrival; Don makes no effort to connect to him, and simply wants to know “what he wants.” His inferior Fe is prone to the occasional tantrum, such as when after a woman insults his ad campaign, he gets up from the table, asserts that “women will not treat me this way,” and storms out of the meeting. Don’s biggest problem is his inability to keep it in his pants. He sleeps with women he should not, because they are available and it seems like the right thing to do at the time. He risks his career and business transactions (because he’s getting involved with clients) in the process. He smokes too much, drinks too much, and often reacts in the moment. When the war left him with a chance to reinvent himself, and let his “old” persona die, Don simply leapt at the chance to become someone else and adopt a completely different identity. He never once looked back. His Se enables him to think in the moment when necessary, and alter an ad pitch, but often he comes up with one idea and wants to stick with it, sometimes to his own determent. His Ni provides him occasional flashes of insight when he needs it most, such as giving him the right words or visuals for an ad when they’re about to lose a client.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/sx

Don is a chameleon of sorts. He left his old life behind to invent a new one, in which he is rich, powerful, and successful. He is able to often keep his calm in an intense situation and come across “looking good.” Part of this is being able to read the person across the table from him and “tell the truth” they want to hear. He is not the same man at the office (a “Mad Men”) as he is at home (“a husband and father”) or at his mistress’ house (a “mystery”). His 4 wing brings introspection, and a sense of elitism; Don is not interested in people-pleasing, and can actually become offended somewhat easily. He is extremely private and needs hordes of alone time (he’s angry when his second wife throws him a birthday party, instead of keeping it private) but often throws caution to the wind in pursuit of an ill-advised sexual affair.