Agreus has an astounding ability to see through other people’s motives and discern what they are actually doing; he instantly knows Imogen is pretending not to be prejudiced, in order to get her hands on his money; he sees through her, and gives her his honest opinion about who she is, which is very close to the mark. He tells her that the electric light is important, because one day it will revolutionize the world—replacing gas lights and leading to other incredible innovations. When Imogen seems surprised, he blushes and admits that maybe he’s just an idealist. He worked hard to get where he was, always focusing on the future, and the dream he wanted for himself—to have a large house and live in the midst of society. His inferior Se shows up only in his impulsive fling with Imogen, and his brief tendency toward violence when her brother threatens his life. He did not inherit his money; he worked hard and earned it. He started out as an indentured servant, then became a tracker, “hunting down his own kind” – meaning, those who skipped out on their internment bonds. When someone sneers at him for hunting down other Pucks, he points out in his experience, humans are more likely to violate the terms of their agreements and make a run for it. Though touchy and emotional at times, Agreus also sees the trade-benefit in working with Imogen to get what he wants. His Fi doesn’t give a damn what others think, and is quite frank in asserting his oftentimes insulting opinions. He feels repugnance for anyone who is dishonest or pretending to be anything other than they are, and prefers to deal in truth rather than lies.

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Agreus does not feel the need to compete with or impress others, because he simply knows who he is, what he has accomplished, and want he wants, and puts up with no nonsense in getting it. He has a strong work ethic, a need to be sincere about his opinions, and is firm in his decisions. He does not like Imogen’s racist attitudes nor that of the society that does not want to accept him, but turns around and is appropriate even when he does not feel welcomed. His 9 wing is withdrawn, distant, and does not care to stir up trouble unnecessarily, though his 1 can be blunt.