Imogen is far more rational than her brother, and more aware of how you “get things” in the world they live in. She at first is repulsed to find out a Puck lives next door (“above his station”) and then sees him as an opportunity: she and her brother are facing financial ruin, and the Puck has money. She can trade him a position in society and her attentions for his financial investment in her brother’s shipping company. It’s a rational trade, and it works well… until her feelings start getting involved. And then, she assumes they can be together, sexually, without being seen as being together. Even when forced into a stressful situation, where her brother intends to have the Puck arrested for violence, Imogen remains rational: she points out that the police will not listen to them, nor respect their relationship, and will automatically arrest the Puck and assume he is in the wrong, due to the prejudices of the day. The only solution is to… run. She is practical and realistic, but also accustomed to “the way things are” and attentive toward it, until the Puck starts helping her see life in another way. What started out as a means to an end becomes Imogen being excited about new things. New possibilities. New adventures. She is intrigued by his taste and eager to help him furnish his house. But then, she sees his interest in modernization and futuristic inventions such as electric lights. Imogen sees him as her “way out” of a boring and stale life, and throws it all to the wind, impulsively choosing to run away with him and then not caring where they go. “Surprise us,” she says.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Appearances are everything, but so is adaptability. Imogen at first reacts badly to having a Puck next door, since it reflects poorly on all of them. Then she notices his exquisite taste in paintings. Like Scarlett O’Hara, another ambitious, resourceful 3, she puts aside any personal feelings to entice him into helping them, becoming interested, flirtatious, and helpful. She wants no emotional involvement, but it happens despite herself. Imogen wishes she did not care about society’s opinions, the way her lover does. She finds it refreshing not to be thinking about what others think all the time. Her 2 wing is genuinely helpful, but also seductive.