Vignette has confidence in her ability to successfully navigate the sensory world – she protects the library with violence, when she first meets and tosses Philo against the wall; she thinks she can go into prostitution to raise a few bucks (until a friend tells her not do to do it), and then she sees an opportunity to join a fae gang and takes it, confidently throwing herself into the middle of a dangerous situation (her induction test is to steal the flag out of the police precinct). She flies around after dark, despite the curfew, and holds a knife to Philo’s throat the first time they meet after she thought him dead. She has intense feelings but doesn’t like to talk about them; instead, she acts on them. After finding out the man she loved faked his own death, she hunts him down and threatens to kill him, but cannot because she still has feelings for him. Despite her anger over his betrayal, she continues to protect and help him whenever they encounter each other. Her friend says Vignette could never become a prostitute, because it isn’t “who she is,” and after brief consideration, Vignette agrees. She takes decisive action to protect what is hers (locking up and destroying parts of the library to avoid humans getting their hands on them) and urging Philo to do the rational thing, and continue hiding his true identity, knowing he’s more useful outside the prison than in. Her inferior Ni has hunches about things and people once in awhile, and dreams of a future free of responsibilities, but does not in any way guide her.

Enneagram: cp 6w5 sx/so

Vignette more than anything is looking for a group of people to protect and give her loyalty to, which for her is the faeries. Given the chance to abandon them, she stays and fights for them. But even though she will fight back against the man who has disappointed her in the past, she will also stand and fight at his side, showing her loyal nature. Vignette is cp in that she is fearless and assertive, not afraid to stand up to others or challenge them, and not about to back down from an argument. She protects others with direct action and is sensible when it comes to sizing up situations. When her new “master” thinks he can coerce her into sex, she teaches him a lesson by bashing in his face and abandoning her indentured servitude. She hates constraint, chafes beneath being a servant, and breaks the rules when it suits her. Vignette doesn’t like to feel used or overly relied upon.