Philo’s arc is all about self-discovery, and self-identity; figuring out who he is, where he came from, who disabled him and hid his true identity, and why his parents abandoned him to an orphanage. Given the chance to make rational, self-protecting decisions, Philo chooses instead to identify with his true self – he has the chance to lie and get out of prison by identifying as a human and accepting the lie of his half-fae status, and instead chooses to tell the truth; given a second chance to avoid incarceration on Carnival Row, he identifies as a fae and gets himself thrown into containment. He strongly identifies with his own kind and is protective over them. He is quick to use his surroundings in a fight, but also takes things at face value; in the final episode, he successfully slams a door down on an enemy and expects him to stay dead. He starts up an affair with a married woman in his building as a way to fill his physical needs, and does not much care about the potential fall-out. He assumes you can kill a magical extension of yourself, and quickly learns otherwise (it dies when you die). Philo is quick to defend himself and others, whether that involves midnight chases in dangerous places or punching someone in the face. He also has hunches and follows them; he knows “something more” is going on with the murders. He suspects they have blamed the wrong man. Once he has enough evidence, he pieces together the truth about his identity, his parentage, and his purpose. Philo shows some low Te – attempting to solve the case, taking decisive action on what he wants, and needing closure, but often making emotional decisions.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Rycroft is analytical and detached, approaching solving the mystery from a place of intense mental energy. He sorts through whatever information he can find and rationally assesses it in an attempt to remain impartial. He was submissive to the authorities during the war, but can also stand against them when he sees them as committing injustices. But deep down, he is seeking a place to belong — the truth about his parents and somewhere to fight his battles, which he finds in the group of misfits and persecuted individuals with whom she shares a past (his life as a faerie). His 5 wing makes him super withdrawn. No one knows anything about him, even the women who share his bed. He tells them nothing, guarding his secrets fiercely.