Dr. Harrison is an efficient and effective doctor because he’s opportunistic, interested in the latest cutting-edge treatments, and not held back by tradition in any way. He is quick to make decisions and act—performing a surgery by candlelight on a kitchen table, rushing over to douse a girl in ice chips to bring down her fever, and operating on a man in an attempt to save his life by cutting off his leg. But he also has problems with being so absorbed in other things, he’s not paying attention to the underlining “hints” other people are leaving him. He is clueless that one of the local ladies is in love with him and assumes they are in a romantic relationship; he doesn’t realize his housekeeper believes him interested, due to his general pleasantness and gifts. And he has no clue his best friend caused him all this trouble, by sending out valentines in his name. Even when it all blows up in his face, he cannot figure out who is behind it or why this is happening to him. Part of this is because… he’s dialed into his own emotions, and nobody else’s. Dr. Harrison is so madly in love with a particular girl, he has no clue anyone else in town is pining for him, even when they heave romantic sighs in his direction. He’s busy staring at someone else. He does not always have a great bedside manner as a result, since his attempts at politeness sometimes come out clumsily. His tert-Te is excellent at retaining medical information, making quick decisions, and knowing where to compromise to get the community to like him (though an agnostic, he will still attend church since the town expects it of their country doctor). He can be flat-out rude when caught off guard (telling a woman, coldly, in front of an audience that he has no feelings for her).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

He is all about appearances, working hard, and appearing successful. He is willing to attend church, if it’s what people expect of him. Dr. Harrison preens beneath positive attention, but also is a deliberate, focused, and driven doctor. He intends to make something of himself. But the 3 also blocks his emotions somewhat; he gets “shell-shocked” instead of crying. And when he fails on a spectacular level, he falls into 9ish apathy, sitting in a house with no furniture and making no attempts to solve any of his problems. His 2 wing is genuinely helpful and charming enough, most of the ladies become a little too fond of him. He buys and gives things away, because he’s too shy to tell them who it’s intended for (leading to some of the misunderstandings).