Mr. Carter is Lady Ludlow’s land agent, a job that requires attention to not only her finances, but the taking in of rent, the attending to of her estate, and other such matters. His meticulousness attention to detail shows in the explicit instructions in his will, which make provision for everything and lay out the future he wants for young Harry to the last letter. His long-term relationship with his employer gives him cause to understand her flaws and empathize with them, but also makes him leery of her mistakes. Though not a man prone to idle dreams, or wasting his time reading into situations, he shows less apprehension than the townspeople toward the building of the railway. He is a rational man, who understands that for Harry to succeed, he needs to learn to read, attend the best schools, and have leg up in life. Though he initially yells at the boy for breaking into the greenhouse, Mr. Carter shows him almost instant kindness. He feeds him, and tells him the truth in answer to all his questions. His wife is dead. Lady Ludlow is old-fashioned. Many people find him curt and even harsh, but he is actually a compassionate, decent, moral man who believes in doing the right thing. He does not open up easily, and surprises his friends with his confession that he has a great deal of money saved.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

He is all about doing what is right. Mr. Carson is often angry with others who are insensible, inaccurate, or foolish, but his 2 wing also allows him to forgive them as flawed human beings. He reacts instinctively and doesn’t halter his opinions, expressing them forcefully on such matters as Lady Ludlow mortgaging her estate to pay for her son’s idle house-building abroad, Harry needing a full time income, and his belief that the lower class should learn how to read. He is never insolent, but refuses to sign off on anything he disagrees with. His 2 wing is helpful to Harry. He has no reason to be kind to him, but he is, and indeed, leaves him a fortune that he wants him to use for a good cause.