Harry is a kind and gentle boy who feels the weight of personal responsibility in caring for his mother and siblings in his father’s prolonged absence. He does his best to avoid displeasing anyone, but when pushed too hard, does react in emotional aggression – being angry at Mr. Carson for “being dead, so he can’t change his mind” about where he wants Harry to attend school. His inferior Te acts out in how he just runs away from anything hard or abusive, rather than attempt to admit to it, confide in anyone about it, or face it. He is an opportunist, who doesn’t much think about the consequences of his actions. Harry sees his baby brother needs milk, so he gets his brother to milk a local cow, but doesn’t stay to supervise (leading to the cow getting out and falling in a lime pit). Later, he again steals her milk but doesn’t notice he breaks her tether, leading her to escape onto the railroad tracks. He breaks into Lady Ludlow’s greenhouse to look at her grapes. He is eager to learn, both hands on and intellectually, but struggles in a confined boarding school – and just up and runs away. When thinking he might have to go back, he runs off again, and this time throws himself off a bridge onto a train. His Ni sometimes thinks about his future, but not often.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Harry is a compliant boy who hates being yelled at so much, it makes him “go giddy” and he frantically licks salt off his palm to calm himself down. He is eager to show his father that he can read the baby’s name, but quickly cows when his father is angry at him. Lady Ludlow’s disapproval also makes him squirm. But he does show some initiative, once he gets mad enough. Harry shows a surprising amount of fearlessness in his risk-taking (even though when people are angry at him for it, he gets anxious). He’s quite private and self-contained, interested in providing for his family’s needs.