Deborah establishes her own private likes and dislikes, and somewhat imposes them on her household – she does not like to be “disrupted” in any way from her usual routine, and feels most comfortable when the house is all in order. For example, she finds the term “suck” a little too much like what a baby does, and forbids people from “sucking their oranges” in company! She is quite opposed at first to different ideas and to progress on a massive scale; she’s willing to overlook some things when others touch her on a fundamental level, but is so adamantly opposed to the railroad coming to Cranford, she breaks with a close friend upon learning he will be a railroad foreman. (This is her inferior Ne, having a fear of the unknown, clinging to the present, and rejecting new ideas, which she also does when she refuses to touch “modern literature.”) She tells people to calm down and “just give me the facts.” She does not want to form conclusions on anything else. Deborah can be final and resolute in her opinions, and she has many strong ones! She is not sharing of her feelings, and sometimes oblivious to whether they are appropriate in the circumstances (banging out the tune on her teaspoon and interrupting everyone else’s enjoyment of a neighbor playing the piano and singing; then admitting she was “quite transported”). She does have a good heart, though, and does not care what others think of her when she acts on her beliefs (risking walking behind a coffin, even though it’s socially inappropriate, to provide moral support for a friend).

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Deborah sees room for improvement wherever she looks. She is quite certain of her own mind and her beliefs. She is often preoccupied with doing the “right thing,” and will flout convention if she feels it’s for the best. She has strong views on what is right and appropriate, and can be somewhat intimidating in standing behind them. Her 2 wing gives her social awareness and an interest in helping others – but she does so with subtly, by pushing them toward what she feels is best for them rather than direct interference (noticing how fond a young man is of a woman, and finding ways for them to socialize together). She is aware of her influence within the community, feels a desire to be seen as a “leader” among the ladies, is aware of local needs, and is tending to them.