Matty is a warm, sociable woman always eager to make sure everyone in the group is well provided for, and that their needs are respected, but she focuses mostly on pleasing her elder sister, Deborah. She’s eager to make friends with and welcome Mary, and talk to her about shared interests and feelings. She finds it easy to build connections to others and maintain them, and feels things deeply – she becomes unsure of herself and anxious when others are upset. Matty does not spend much time reflecting or thinking about why things happen, she simply handles them as they come along and prefers to make friends rather than face the deeper issues behind her friends’ decisions (inferior Ti). She doesn’t mind her quiet, gentle life in Cranford, and is fine with sameness; she expects things to go along as they have always done, but is far less resistant to change than Deborah – she meets news of the train with interest, rather than total dismay. Matty holds onto her personal past, and things often remind her of experiences from her childhood; she loves to bring them up and talk about them, and is shyly flattered that Mary finds stories of her brother interesting. She has a good deal of interest in new ideas and fashions, and wants to try them all out.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Matty spends a lot of time trying to keep the peace – she tells Mary not to use the word “suck” because Deborah doesn’t like it; she frets over the new carpet, because “having a house in upheaval always upsets Deborah.” She gives up on her idea of a turban because her friends pooh-pooh the idea. She frets when Deborah walks behind a coffin through town because of how others might respond to her. Matty is almost never truly upset, and never seems angry. Her 1 wing is preoccupied with doing “good” and choosing the “right” thing, but it’s greatly softened by her gentle nature.