Eliza’s previous experiences do a great deal to influence her psychological issues (her husband’s sexual deviancy and abuse, etc). She falls into habitual behavior patterns and trains her body to do the same. She confesses to Edward she cannot imagine any other life than the one she has within the asylum and she is reluctant to break away and leave it. She is down to earth, and attentive to the practical needs of other patients. Eliza wants to know as much about Edward as possible (all the details) when figuring out who he is and his motivations. She is very good at calming the other patients down, appealing to their emotional needs, and soothing their tempers whenever they get out hand. Eliza feels some guilt for what happens in the asylum, but also goes along with it because the majority seem happy. She is quite judgmental about their former practices being inhumane, but her own decisions are at times highly questionable and influenced by her amoral environment. Her intense emotions sometimes get away from her, causing her to fall into “hysterical fits.” She cannot help crying in front of others. With Edward’s help, Eliza starts to learn to control her hysteria; she can bring herself out of the early stages of a “fit.” She reaches conclusions about him that are based on the evidence in front of her and make logical sense to her, but that are not realistic interpretations of the information in front of her. Fear of the future, of being hurt, of men abusing her, of what might happen to her friends in the asylum, and of change itself keep her bound to the asylum. She warns Edward to leave as soon as he arrives, fearful of what might happen as a consequence. She tells her friend to “lock yourself in our room until I get back,” out of fear someone will rape her. Until Edward convinces her that he is safe, she is afraid to consider leaving the asylum.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Fear is her motivating factor. The first time she meets Edward, she tells him to escape as soon as he can, knowing his life is in danger. She’s afraid to leave the asylum, both during perilous times, and later when it’s safe, because she doesn’t know what awaits her in the outside world. She uses her warmth and friendliness (the natural boon of the 6) to disarm people and make them like her. Lamb becomes quite fond of her, because she convinces him they are alike and share similar beliefs. Her 5 wing makes her somewhat self-trusting, but also scared of launching herself into the outside world (she winds up in another asylum, because it makes her feel secure to avoid situations in which she has no experience). She is warm, friendly, and looking for a rescuer.