Sam is quite different from his brother; where Dean prefers to rush into action, shoot first and ask questions later, Sam believes in doing a ton of research, finding out every detail he can about whatever is happening, and then carefully considering whether to take action or not. He is a walking encyclopedia of demon and monster lore, because he so easily retains information of any interest to him, and he relies a great deal on past precedent when making decisions (this worked for dad, it should work for us; Bobby said there’s another way to do this… the last time we did this, it didn’t go well, Dean!). He is also more open to possibilities than Dean—a possibility that God exists or that miracles can happen. He shows a lot of lower Ne in that he wants to explore every possible option before giving up on a person or situation, but also finds it hard to see through people or automatically get to the heart of the problem. He shows different levels of intuition throughout the series—being insightful into ghosts’ motivations, or trusting Ruby even though she’s a demon, but not really thinking about the big picture that much (of how their constant dealing with demons is going to hurt them in the long run). ISFJs can be intellectually open, but they want these ideas to solve a problem in the present, and that’s what he’s doing as a demon hunter. Sam is also far more emotionally attuned than his brother; he often shoots Dean dirty looks for saying insensitive things at the wrong time, he warmly opens up to people in an attempt to get them to understand him and reflect back information that could be useful, he can charm people when he needs to, and he needs to talk about what’s bothering him, especially when Dean is going to die (he wants to talk about it, and hear what Dean feels, but Dean refuses). Sam can be judgmental about behaviors that hurt other people, but also forgiving and accepting of his brother’s mistakes (“You may have given up and tortured people in hell, Dean, but you said no for 30 years!”). In later seasons, as Sam gets too deeply sucked into his demon side, he shows a tendency to loop out of his feelings and lacks his usual compassion. He mercilessly kills things and people, instead of fighting for their right to survive (earlier, he put his life on the line out of a desire to let a group of “safe” vampires go). But ultimately, he’s a serious, thoughtful, and compassionate ISFJ who wants to do what is best for the humans involved.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Dean complains that Sam has always pushed back against their father, and it’s true—Sam has “problems with authority.” Like most 6s, he won’t just accept what he’s told or take orders without questioning them. He thoughtfully considers things before leaping into action, unlike his brother (often a source of frustration between them). He’s also more open to soliciting outside advice, such as when he suggests that they call Bobby to figure out what they are dealing with. He locks himself away with hours of research in an attempt to identify whatever creature they are dealing with, and then trusts what’s in the books and lore when making decisions about how to kill them. He doesn’t like Dean to go off the rails or take risks, but then can turn around and take them for himself. He is endlessly questioning, thinking, making logic of situations, and cautious about entering into situations without being prepared. 6w5s do all of this, as an attempt to shore up their defenses against the outer world. They think knowledge can protect them, so they make it a point to know everything there is to know about whatever is of any concern to them. He’s also highly family-focused, like most 6s. Even though he went out on his own and tried to build a new life by attending college, he gets sucked back into the family business out of a sense of obligation to protect people.

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