Randall is the ultimate opportunist, in the worst possible way. He sees a beautiful women who needs taught submission and he tries to rape her. He bargains to release Claire in exchange for Jaime, so he can indulge his domination-kink. He is a fast-thinking, reactive man who derives pleasure out of becoming “one” with and “impacting” the environment, whether that is brutalizing a town or flogging a man senseless. He gives little thought to the future, although he is rather insightful when it comes to reading the emotional intensity between other people (Se/Fe). What he assumes is logical, the outer world doesn’t see as “moral,” but he doesn’t care: if it in some way gets Randall what he wants, he will take or do it. His cruelty reveals that he interacts with people through emotional distance – he sees them as machines, as toys for his own amusement, which ties into his negative tert-Fe. Randall likes to emotionally manipulate and torture his victims; he lures them into a false sense of security, then turns on them (such as when he is polite to Claire, only to punch her in the stomach a moment later). He takes pleasure in brutalizing, humiliating, and trying to break Jaime, because Jaime refused to give in to him and show weakness. The only time he shows any kind of genuine Fe is when Claire asks him to marry his brother’s pregnant widow, so she has his name, but not rape her, out of love for his brother.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Randall defines the notion of being “against.” He knows who has the power in any given situation and wants to ensure it is him. So, he uses force, intimidation, brutality, and cruelty to teach people who is boss, and he does it all with calm resolve and detachment. He is never afraid. He is never concerned that he might fail. The only time he breaks is when Jaime’s sister laughs at his privates, and then he beats her rather than rapes her. He likes to bully and dominate people, but goes about it calmly, without ever seeming provocative or upset. He can be quite cruel, in a very detached manner, due to his 9 wing’s tendency to use his calmness to take control over situations.