Frank has a heavy sense of appropriateness, within a cultural context; he doesn’t especially like sending his wife off on the train to war ahead of him (“I should be the one going to the front lines”). He finds it hard to accept something fantastical, and finds a rational explanation for Claire’s disappearance. Though she comes back pregnant with another man’s wife, Frank adheres to the duties of the day and stays with her, raising the child as his own. He eagerly studies history and accumulates vast amounts of knowledge. Frank tends to get wrapped up in his learning, and pays little attention to larger contexts. Because people do not just fall back in time, Frank thinks Claire is lying about where she has been the last few years – he copes whatever way he can, which is to assume she has lost her mind and created a fantasy to cope with her trauma. Before her disappearance, he was a competent teacher and student of history. He is capable of detached decisions, but also principled enough to do the “right” thing – he stays with Claire and raises her child, even though he believes she cheated on him; however, he also conducts several affairs, since she isn’t able to give him the emotional intimacy he craves to accompany their physical relationship. He asks her, in a roundabout way, if she cheated on him during the war, and rationalizes it as being “acceptable” under extreme circumstances.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Frank, much like his wife, is a super-ego type, who tries to make the best out of a bad situation; he agrees to take back his wife, and to pretend like her falling back in time and living with Jamie never happened. He tries to be a good husband and father, and waits to ask her for a divorce until their daughter graduates from high school, so that he gives her a stable life until then. He is discreet about his affair, even though he wishes he could have made it work with Claire, and forgiving of her mistakes, even though he finds it hard to deal with knowing she is constantly thinking about Jamie even when in his arms. Though Claire loves Frank very much, she does not always know how to reach him, or relate to him on an emotional level, because Frank holds back part of himself. He spends more time thinking about books, as a way to avoid the outside world, than he does courting his wife, though he’s also open to making love to her in unexpected places. He is detached enough to  reassure her that if she cheated on him at the front lines, he will forgive her; and is somewhat unaware of his own emotional vulnerabilities later on, when he discovers that is not the case – he doesn’t like her attachment to another man, at all.