Claire finds it almost impossible to adapt to the outside world, in terms of changing her value system to match “old fashioned ideals.” She remains militant in her desire to be true to herself, and in pursuing her own goals, while making other people angry about her refusal to be a demure “woman of the past.” She frequently conflicts with Jamie’s need to please other people and is offended that he cannot stand up more for himself, especially when it comes to defending her (such as hating him for ‘giving her a whipping’ for endangering everyone else in his Clan through her foolish decision to run away). Claire finds it to fully comprehend her emotions on the surface, in that she feels torn between two men and pulled in two separate directions – but in returning to her husband in the “modern day,” she cannot “fake” emotions she no longer feels for him, leading to much coldness in the marriage that eventually causes it to fall apart. Throughout the series, Claire is opportunistic but also reckless and not always aware of the potential consequences of her decisions—many of her choices to run away and take advantage of her guards being momentarily distracted wind up causing Jamie and others to suffer—from getting captured by Black Jack Randall (and almost raped, causing her husband to sacrifice himself for her, and endure unimaginable torments) to almost falling into the wrong hands in other places. She is sexual and physical, choosing to indulge the king of France’s lust for her in exchange for her husband’s eventual pardon, and often taking advantage of moments alone to sleep with Jamie, even when it might be dangerous. Claire knows all the herbs and plants, and focuses on using them for medicine. She also clings to her low Ni desire to “get back to the stones” and go back to Frank, stubbornly, even when her heart has changed, and upon being forced to flee into the modern-day and reunite with her husband, finds that all she wants to do is go back into the past and reunite with Jamie. Clearly, her lower Ni did not know what she wanted after all. She shows strong inferior Te reactions in decisively taking action, sometimes when it is inappropriate and ill-advised, in order to accomplish whatever she intends to do, but also in her “outbursts” of passion, frustration, and rage when other people do not understand or agree with her.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Her go-to emotion is anger; frustrated when she’s thrown back in time, Claire becomes angry at the clansmen who try to oppress her, and “uses language a wee lass shouldn’t.” She then tells them to shut their bloody mouths! Claire has a strong sense of moral duty; she does not want to abandon her husband or cheat on him. She disapproves of others’ mistreating each other. She judges the clansmen for their “stupid” fighting (and then realizes they were defending her honor). She challenges the leaders on their sense of morality and the right or wrong of their methods (collecting taxes from poor people, who need the animals to survive). Claire is offended when her husband asks her if she cheated on him during the war, shocked he would think such a thing of her. Her 2 wing leaps into action; she helps out of a sense of duty and compassion, even when she doesn’t like what other people are doing – bandaging up Jaime’s injuries, tending to the needs of the laird, and ingratiating herself with the women through general helpfulness. Claire expects something for this service, however – her freedom. She thinks she can “earn it.” When thrown back in time, she immediately knows her best chance of survival is to make the clansmen like her as an entire group. She softens her approach and uses a sense of humor and humility to appeal to them.