Aurora has an infectious bubbly and extroverted personality, which takes its role as the Queen of the Moors seriously once Maleficent turns over the responsibilities to her. She tries to find ways to unite and bring peace to the nations through her marriage to Philip, but winds up pressuring Maleficent to act unlike herself by covering up her horns, to make her new family feel less uncomfortable. She confronts those who displease her instantly–processing her feelings in the moment things happen. Aurora races back to her father’s castle to confront him – then turns instantly against him, when she realizes he has all these years stolen and kept Maleficent’s wings. She conforms to her new life and clothes to keep her future mother-in-law contented, but admits to Philip that it feels disingenuous and uncomfortable for her. It makes her miserable, yet she does it, and voices her complaints freely about it rather than suffering in silence. She can be confrontational and aggressive. Her inferior Ti is weak. Aurora can sometimes make serious misjudgments – she accuses Maleficent of repeating history and cursing the king without any proof other than her fit of temper and threat to the castle cat and turns her back on her. She creatively problem-solves when she ties bed sheets together to trick the guards into thinking she escaped out the window then locks them in (leaving the key in the lock, so they can’t turn it from the inside) and runs downstairs to stop the genocide in the cathedral. She suffers from thinking mostly in present and past terms, which does not allow her to sense the true intentions of those around her. Aurora often misjudges other people, based on her interactions with them. She allows the past (Maleficent cursed me) to cloud her perceptions of the present (this means she must have cursed Philip’s father too!). She ties things heavily to her own sensory experiences, finding it difficult to adjust to new garments and a life outside the Moors, as well as showing no sentiment toward her father’s castle (“I gave it to the peasants”); in her moments of despair, she longs once more to live a simple life in the Moors among the faerie folk. Only when she discovers the secret passage in the castle, and comes upon the missing faeries does she realize her mother-in-law’s wicked intentions. Her tert-Ne wants to believe the best in everyone, so she finds it hard to cope with the truth about Maleficent placing a curse on her. She was so eager to believe her a “fairy godmother”! Hopeful Philip’s family will accept her, she also wants to believe the best of her future family-in-law and ignores all the signs Queen Ingrith is attempting to infuriate her mother. Despite the devastating actions of her wedding day (genocide, attempted murder, and the destruction of half the castle, along with Maleficent’s own rebirth), Aurora still believes in a bright future in which “everyone is welcome and safe” at the festivities.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Aurora as a child was so full of happiness, joy, and unconditional love that she made Maleficent fall in love with her. Tolerant and accepting, she was ready to believe the best in her. As an adult, Aurora is a benevolent Queen of the Moors, who takes a gentle but firm hand with her subjects. She is also an idealist, in the sense that she hopes to unite their two kingdoms in harmony and heal the centuries old rift between them. She desperately wants to make her new family feel at ease in her mother’s presence, so she shyly asks Aurora to wear a veil over her horns (and later laments having done it). Aurora tries to keep the peace at their disastrous dinner party by urging Maleficent to keep her temper and release her spell on the cat. She finds it hard to say no when her future mother-in-law insists she wear the clothes of the kingdom, attend to her duties as a future queen, and even wear the provided wedding dress. But Aurora’s 8 wing also fiercely asserts itself — she stubbornly refuses to reject Philip’s proposal even when her horned mother argues with her. She leaps into action to save her friends, challenges her father, and finds the courage to stand up for herself.