Lisa is a warm, accommodating and emotional woman, easily touched by others’ moods, such as when she looks out across the courtyard, witnesses Miss Lonelyheart’s sorrows, and feels sad for her plight. But she also knows her own mind, and stubbornly argues with Jeff in an attempt to change his. She cannot accept him for who he is, and is convinced she can get him to see the merits of the marriage she wants. She is honest, forthcoming, and direct in sharing her feelings of frustration with his chronic pessimism, his lack of a wish to get married, and his lack of faith in her ability to “adapt” to a new life. She takes offense at being told to shut up, but is also forgiving of him, and even in their argument, states that she’ll see him the next night. Lisa’s inferior Ti at first scoffs at the idea of a murder across the way, but his hypothetical evidence convinces her, and she sets out to prove it. She is rational enough to get herself arrested, to save her life, but less so in considering the dangers involved in the risks she takes; and she’s unable to detach herself emotionally from Jeff in order to decide if he is worth her time and attention, even if it leads nowhere. All the contributions she makes to his conclusions come from assumptions about how women are, based on who she is; she says no woman leaves without her makeup and jewelry, and she certainly does not leave it all unprotected in her purse where it will get tangled. She looks after Jeff’s physical well-being, bringing a beautiful nightgown and overnight bag into his room, providing him with an expensive lobster dinner, and recounting in detail her day (which includes which conversations she had, whom she saw, what they wore, and her thoughts at the time). Lisa is also determined to turn Jeff into a proper husband – she tells him that she could get him a lot of money in a regular photography job, so he needn’t run around the world. She argues that she could adapt and be his wife, even in the jungle, though she clearly has no intention of it. Lisa is rather skeptical of believing something she has not seen, but once she witnesses suspicious behavior with her own eyes, she becomes speculative on what’s happening across the lot. Lisa, however, keeps her intuitive leaps to the crime, rather than other things.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/sp

She spends all her free time lovingly caring for Jeff’s needs, and anticipating what he wants before he even wants it, in order to meet those needs… because she wants him to love her, and thinks the only way to get him to agree to marriage is to be a seductive housewife. Lisa feels angry when he doesn’t seem to appreciate these efforts, and responds to her by being short-tempered and quarrelsome. She knows what is best for him (to settle down and become a highly paid photographer) and is determined to have it. Her 3 wing is ambitious and career-focused; she knows who is who, what is what, and wears all the most expensive gowns. She buys the best dinners and has them deliver to his apartment. She prides herself on being beautiful and desirable. She focuses on being seductive and appealing to Jeff, with whom she has bonded; her soc loves other people and entertaining, but she always comes home to him at the end of the day.