Melanie is an incredibly withdrawn and private woman; when she arrives in the bay, she gives no one any information about who she is, what she wants, why she is there, or how long she intends to stay. She follows her instincts and sense of personal desire—chasing after a man she “sparked with” and who irritated her in town, bonding with a local teacher, and fretting over whether his mother will accept her. Her actions are not entirely logical, however—she sets off intent on bringing his sister lovebirds, not knowing if she’ll be welcome or not, whether she can find him or not, and no real plan of what to do once she gets there. She chooses to stay in the bay, after the birds start attacking, out of emotional concern for the people she cares about who live in the town (“Daddy, I can’t leave now!”). Melanie doesn’t care why the birds are behaving like they are, she just wants to stop them! She is opportunistic, chasing after a man, seeing his license plate number, copying it down, and calling a friend to check with the motor vehicles department and find out his name. She impulsively purchases him lovebirds and takes them to his apartment, then on a whim, hops in her car to deliver them in person to his lake house several hours up the coast. She doesn’t expect to stay over, so takes nothing with her (sleep-wise). Melanie is resourceful in finding a boat, sneaking into his house, and then observant later, such as when she notices an amassing of crows outside the schoolroom. She uses her quick thinking to save two children’s lives, by shoving them into a parked vehicle and rolling up the windows. But she also goes upstairs to investigate mysterious noises by herself, and winds up in the hospital. Melanie leaps to a conclusion about what she saw (“I think the birds wanted to kill the children”) and holds firm to it, even when a specialist in birds argues with her that birds cannot do that sort of thing, much less communicate across species to form bird gangs. She appears to be right, however!

Enneagram: 3w2 sx/sp

She cares all about appearances, and is most easily offended when it comes to others having the wrong impression of her (she fights with someone who believes what the tabloids wrote about her last vacation) or challenging her logic. Melanie is also cool, calm, and collected in an intense situation. She doesn’t like others to see her without her makeup (she even puts on lipstick and fixes her hair, just to go downstairs in her nightgown and fur coat!). Like most 3s, she doesn’t want to give anything away about her personal life or self, and pretends to be different things to different people (adapting to whatever person she is with). Her 2 wing hopes to “win over” someone by being useful and surprising him, but she also stays to genuinely help out—risking her life and safety for the children in the school.