Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Nicole’s father accuses her of “having morals” (no offense); when Simon asks if she’d be interested in a less dangerous caper to get her feet wet, she asks, “You don’t think I’d steal something that doesn’t actually BELONG to me, do you??” She’s sensitive, and allows her feelings about Simon to guide her in their relationship. She’s preoccupied with what is “right” and “wrong”, and constantly cautions her father against his dangerous, illegal trade in faked art. She prefers to act on her feelings, rather than talk about them, sometimes to a hilarious degree (“He didn’t molest you in any way, did he?” “Not much.”). She lives to live in “the real world,” where things such as carbon-dating are problems for her art-forger father. She goes to work daily, she is present and up-to-date on the latest technological advancements, and she likes to make a vivid impression with her appearance, how she dresses, and so on. Nicole is opportunistic, excited to be stealing the Venus, but also scared. She is good at merging into her environment. She can be a bit impulsive as a result (“I’ll drive you home; how about that?…wait, now how do I get home??”). Since her father is so reckless, Nicole lives in a continual state of stress over what WILL happen – he’ll get caught and go to jail! She fixates on a single goal, and carries it through to the end. She has good instincts, and tends to question things that arouse her suspicions (she notices Simon chose her father’s latest forgery to “steal,” but doesn’t figure out he’s been hired to check for forgeries; she takes him at face value as a thief, then elicits his aid in her “great caper”). She wants what she wants, and that’s final. She can be blunt on occasion. Though, she trusts others to do scheming and problem-solving thinking for her – Simon’s ability to think outside the box and cover all their bases delights her.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/sx

Fear drives her life. Nicole worries about her 7w6 father continuing to sell paintings even though it may risk exposure. She doesn’t like him putting a sculpture on display that the museum could discover is a forgery. When she finds Simon in the house, she worries about his intentions – and goes out of her way to care for him, drive him home, and make sure he likes her, to avoid calling the police. She needs a plan of action to get the statue back, so she recruits Simon to help her – showing a lack of faith in her own ability to plan out a heist, and placing all her trust in someone who is more coolly confident. Her 7 wing becomes more extroverted, excited about the risk, and willing to go out on a limb to make this happen; it is also playful, sarcastic, and funny. Nicole faces almost constant anxiety, but also an inexplicable pull to the “dark, handsome, blue-eyed stranger.” She quickly falls in love with him and allows him to introduce her to risk.