Function Order: Ne-Fi-Te-Si

Regina has the dual honor of being both intelligent and insightful, and rather naïve and trusting. She quickly picks up on things and runs with them, such as when other people put suspicions about her husband, his intentions, where he hid whatever it was he stole from his partners, etc., from her into her head. She is happy to speculate at length about these things, but unable to remember much that could be useful to solving the mystery. The first time she meets a handsome stranger at a resort, she banters with him. Then she becomes fond of him, then she trusts him. Regina doesn’t want to go back to her old life, though she will if necessary. She walks up the Seine and has totally random conversations, remarking on one thing and then talking about something completely unrelated to it, as she follows her natural train of thought. Even though it “isn’t done” at the time, Regina wants a divorce and tells her best friend as much. She just no longer loves her husband, and finds him mysterious, withdrawn, and insincere. She’s bored. She quickly falls in love with another man, and wins him over through teasing and bantering rather than flat out telling him how she feels. (She drops obvious hints like “This is the manager. You should have a girl in there!”). Regina shows no interest in her husband’s former crimes, and asks no real questions until it becomes necessary; she then only wants to find what her husband stole and return it, to save her own life and stop strange men from pursuing her. She is quite adept at giving them the slip and rational in how she eliminates possibilities. When questioned, she is poor with details and unable to remember much. At the end, she finally puts the pieces together and figures out where her husband hid his fortune.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/sx

She is afraid—and for good reason. Men are out to get her. They want whatever it is that her husband stole. And how does she protect herself? By finding someone she can trust. Then by doubting him. Then listening to his explanation and trusting him again. Then hearing something against him and doubting him again… it is the never-ending “can I trust you or not?” turmoil of the 6, who desires security and is not sure where to find it. She covets protection and feels a need to be safe in an uncertain world. As a self-pres 6, she is distrustful, but also funny, using self-deprecating humor and charm to win people over and diffuse them as someone out to attack her. She is careful. She looks not to groups, but to a man who catches her eye to protect her. She is instantly attracted to him, and often assertive and even aggressive in trying to seduce him. Her 7 wing wants to be frivolous and have fun; she loves to laugh and often sees the humor in things.