Functional Order: Si-Fe-Ti-Ne

Lucille has an unhealthy attachment to the house she grew up in, where dwell all of her memories… so much so, she keeps murdering people so her brother can steal their money, just so they can try to keep up the wretched house! It would make far more sense to move away from Crimson Peak, yet they stay, forever locked in the red mud, drenched in an endless cycle neither of them can break (and she does not want to). The mere idea of leaving fills her with disgust. She has come up with the perfect way to keep on staying there, and that is to play out the exact same murder scenario again and again… Thomas pretending to be a romantic suitor, then marrying a young heiress, and the two of them dispatching her for their cash. Lucille assists this along through her poisoned tea or a hatchet wherever necessary. Lucille can be demure, reassuring, and charming, but also controlling and manipulative toward her brother. She likes to torment Edith a little bit, pretending to be her friend but also not leaving her alone with Thomas, in case they ‘compromise’ each other. She takes great pleasure in rubbing her mother’s nose in their misdeeds (“It comforts me to think she can see all that we do”). Lucille also enjoys shocking and horrifying Edith with the knowledge of her incestuous control over Thomas. She sees herself and Thomas as a unit that works together, and takes any threat to them seriously. Lucille makes emotionally-driven decisions; she also has an irrational clinging to her childhood home, which is not beneficial in the long term. Despite its crumbling foundations, rotten floorboards, and broken ceiling, she and Thomas continue to stay there, and pour their finances into a place they ought to just burn down and abandon. She is attuned enough to her brother that she notices how ‘different’ he is with Edith, and feels threatened by it. She doesn’t like the idea of leaving the house, or changing their lifestyle, or letting her brother go, and would rather murder him (and live with his ghost) than change.

Enneagram: 6w5 sx/sp

Lucille has only ever been satisfied to stay home and care for her brother, even if that means murder. She’s capable of detaching from her emotions and making ruthless amoral decisions (because she is also a psychopath). Family matters more than anything to her, and she will kill to keep things the same. She hates the idea of venturing into the outside world, she is highly suspicious of her brother’s new wife and her motivations, and she can turn violent and aggressive when provoked. Left alone in the house for a night during a snowstorm, she became highly agitated, afraid of being abandoned, and aggressive toward Edith.