Thomas is a creative inventor with dozens of beautiful, wondrous toys stored up in the attic—things he created for his own enjoyment, or to keep his sister happy whenever they were locked up there together for days on end. He embraces Edith’s idea of abandoning the house and moving away from its ghosts, but also idealistically, wants to save his sister. He cannot imagine life without Lucille, who has always been “in” his world. Thomas is blind to her evil, and believes she can be saved, that if he gets her away from the place of all their miseries, she can recover and be a different person. It’s an ideal hope, but untrue… and she turns on him to prove it. He has no personal values of his own, instead adapting himself entirely to her demands from him (being her sexual playmate, allowing her to murder his wives, marrying them to appease her and gain money by which they can live, etc). He is charming and sweet, affectionate but also easily influenced by the women in his life (Fe and being a 9). Thomas knows what to say to Edith to make her upset and to hurt her feelings, after her father tells him to pain her and leave—he ruthless criticizes her writing, knowing it will cause her to turn against him. He’s also afraid to assert himself against his sister or to go against him. He has a strong sense of the moral obligation he feels he owes his sister for her protection of him during childhood, when she would take abuse on his behalf, and this makes him unable to tolerate the idea of leaving the house without her, and starting anew somewhere else. His steadily increasing affection for Edith causes him to push back against his sister in ways she does not like, without alienating her completely. Though a talented inventor, he cannot get his clay machine to work, due to not being able to figure out how to fix it properly and a lack of funds that would pay for its restoration. He can become impulsive when others push him toward it, including making love to his new wife (he has never done it with any of the others) and choosing to stay in town overnight when a storm moves in. He underestimates his physical environment in attempting to reason with his sister, and winds up getting killed instead.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Thomas tells Edith whenever he does not like something, he “shuts his eyes to it.” That’s what he’s done with his life – closed his eyes. He meekly merges with his sister, allowing her to dictate and dominate all his decisions. He shuts off access to his empathy and collaborates with her in murder (though he prefers poison to her more brutal methods). He is so wrapped up in his sister’s wants and needs, he doesn’t know what he wants or needs until he latches onto Edith. From there, he starts coming alive and allowing himself to explore what he wants (his wife) rather than just passively allowing others to dictate his decisions. His 1 wing wants to be a better person, but isn’t sure how.