Jonathan is somewhat shocked to arrive in a foreign country and find Dracula, his castle, and the locals so strange. He is used to a life in London and by comparison, this place is strange and sinister. He immediately senses something is ‘wrong’ with the castle and its inhabitant, but he can’t quite put his finger on what it is. The traumas he experiences there haunt him going forward, but also establish an expected pattern of behavior. He knows Dracula to be evil, no matter how charming he appears to be, and intends to kill him. He manages to recognize Dracula in London even though ‘he’s grown younger!’ through his awareness of how faces change over time. Jonathan is mostly interested in conducting his business and returning to his legal firm. He scoffs at local superstitions until he sees things with his own eyes which he cannot explain; then he simply takes action to stop the supernatural forces, rather than wondering how they came about, or at their intentions. He seeks help when he feels out of his depth. When Dracula imprisons him, he tries various methods to escape, which almost get him killed. Jonathan has a quiet but strong moral presence, which lends itself to allowing Mina to make her own decisions – when it might be more rational to chase Dracula into the church and cut off his head, Jonathan asks the others to stand back and allow her to ‘finish this,’ because he trusts her to make the right choice. He’s guilt-ridden over his mistakes (the long hours spent with those ‘demonic women’) but only shares his deeper feelings through letters to Mina and notes in his diary. His instincts under pressure are quite good (‘he does not mean me to leave this place,’ seeing through Dracula’s disguises, and intuiting that he intends to take Mina as his bride, which he deduces having seen the others — this proves it is not a desirable end for the woman he loves).

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Cautious and suspicious, Jonathan does not easily share personal details with his creepy host. He doesn’t enjoy being stuck in the castle, and regards Dracula with blatant suspicion, taking note of his erratic and often sinister behavior (his overall creepiness, his fascination with the blood on Jonathan’s shaving razor, and his interest in Mina). Jonathan fears the worst after his imprisonment and wants to get back to Mina soon, certain Dracula intends to hurt her. He shows occasional self-doubt, and relies heavily upon Van Helsing to help him fight the forces of evil. His 5 wing is introverted and somewhat self-reliant, but also pessimistic and imaginative. Jonathan does not seem to want to interact heavily with the outside world.