Mina admires her friend Lucy’s daring but prefers a more circumspect approach, based on the traditions of society and her own comfort levels; she finds the Count exotic and interesting, even though he scares her at first – he appeals to her inferior Ne as he opens up romanticism and greater possibilities, but she is somewhat unaware of his true motives and identity until she understands the connection between her “prince” and the Count who imprisoned Jonathan. Even when given the chance to possibly accept a new, different life, Mina ultimately does the ‘right’ thing by finishing what Jonathan started and allowing Dracula’s spirit to find peace. She enjoys Dracula’s presence because he feels “familiar” to her. She’s more aware of and able to abide by social conventions than Lucy. Mina at first resists the prince’s attentions and tries to deter him with harsh words, but then feels guilt for being rude and apologizes; she does not hide her feelings, but also constantly analyzes herself, and how she feels. She says toward the end of the film that she has finally “figured out” what her love for Dracula means and how it can set them both free (by killing him). She is often caught off guard when others behave inappropriately and she does not know how to respond (Lucy being a flirt and Van Helsing’s strange, often erratic behavior).

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sx

Mina feels drawn to the lonely souls in the world, especially Dracula. She sets herself up to be Jonathan’s helper and supporter, but then finds herself inexplicably drawn to and seduced by Dracula, who appeals to her on a romantic and emotional level. She is not comfortable expressing negative emotions, but does learn to assert herself over the course of the film. Her 1 wing shows in her initial disapproval of Lucy’s lustful behavior, but also in her curiosity toward the forbidden unknown.