Dracula’s decisions are all based heavily in his feelings in the moment; finding his wife dead makes him curse God in defiance, and become a vampire; he falls in love with Mina at first sight because she resembles his dead wife; he stays in London when he should leave, out of a desire to romance her; he forms an intense emotional bond with her, which delays his escape and ultimately ends his life. He cares little for anyone else, and does not mind the chaos he creates in their lives, provided it helps him get what he wants (Lucy). He was a brutal and grotesque man during the wars, who staked his enemies to prove a point, then went on to feed upon the blood of others; he takes opportunities as they arise, whether that is licking the blood from a razor (in plain sight of Jonathan) or luring Mina into his clutches. If threatened, he becomes very visceral and violent – morphing into rats, using smoke monsters, becoming a beast. Dracula takes chances in his decision to slip into Mina’s bed when she is surrounded by her friends. He holds to an idealistic vision of his wife, and his future happiness with Mina. His inferior Te shows in his lack of rational thinking when he entangles himself with Mina. Dracula has no trouble giving orders or removing Jonathan’s ability to leave his castle; he can be harsh-tongued but also secretive about his intense feelings. He was a capable and much-celebrated war hero, but also known for his brutal tactics. Dracula goes for the most direct action; he creates minions to do his will and does little to control his wives.

Enneagram: 4w3 sx/sp

Dracula is intensely emotional but private in his feelings, torn between his contempt for humanity and his desire to merge with it, but his idea of becoming more human involves pulling Mina away from her former life and making her into a vampire. He tends to be romantic and morbid, deeply emotive and temperamental, throwing tantrums to keep his wives in line. He focuses on drawing Mina into a relationship and keeping her there, sacrificing himself in the process. He is assertive, competitive, and aggressive in pursuing what he wants (3 wing). He becomes more needy whenever under stress, moving into 2-ish manipulation and desperation for love.