Katrina is the belle of the ball when Ichabod first meets her, happy being the center of attention and even gives him a kiss, though she barely knows him, “on account.” She quickly inserts herself into his life, giving him a book to protect him, rushing out into the dangerous woods to investigate alongside him, and taking him to the ruins of their old home to show him where she came from. Katrina quickly falls in love with him and says she intended to give him her heart, but is also offended when he seems not to care for her in return. She acts quickly in the church to protect them all by casting a spell. She admits that she cried for her dead fiancé, but has since then moved on, and asks Ichabod if that is “wrong of her,” because she’s somewhat out of step with the “proper” way of doing things. Katrina tells Ichabod some of the things close to her heart, but in a semi-detached way, relying more on the facts of the situation (what happened to her as a child, her mother’s death, etc) than how it made her feel in the circumstances. She tends to act more than analyze, choosing to cast spells and challenge Ichabod and his thinking more than analyzing her circumstances or questioning the people around her. She believes in magic and things she cannot see, trusting in the local lore and legends, but can also be naïve about those around her (not realizing her stepmother is an enemy until it’s almost too late). It never crosses her mind to suspect her of having murdered her mother and taken her place, or having designs upon her fortune, much less that she is involved with the Horseman.

Enneagram: 3w2 sx/so

Katrina seeks ways to be useful to those around her, and be proactive in deciding what she wants and how to control her own fate. She is quick to insert herself into situations, but not easily offended (she doesn’t like it that Ichabod suspects her father of being behind the nefarious deeds in Sleepy Hollow, but still urges him to be careful and protect himself). Though she cared about Brom, she does not spend much time mourning him and then moves on, persevering despite the fact that her fiancé was just found sliced into two pieces. She is adventurous and curious about the outer world, quick to leave her old home behind and start anew in New York City. Her 2 wing seeks ways to be helpful to Ichabod; she gives him a spell book to protect himself with, falls in love with him rather quickly, offers him information, and looks for ways to be useful.