Blake is people-centric. The first time he meets Bruce as an adult, he tells him the orphanage struggled without the funding Wayne Enterprises provided, with the insinuation that Bruce ought to do something about it. He feels that Bruce “owes” Gotham his service as Batman, and encourages him to put on the mask once again and fight for the good of everyone. He thinks about everyone as a group, and looks after other orphans due to a shared upbringing with them. He is rational, but also careless, often putting others’ physical welfare ahead of his own. Blake spends a great deal of time thinking and figuring things out, but not questioning his own motives or conclusions (inferior Ti). Blake shares the first memory he has of Bruce with Bruce, when they meet – showing his excellent memory and the impression Bruce made on him as a child. He then talks about how things “changed.” All the research he did on Bruce, and his attentiveness to details, helped him piece together not only the identity of Batman, but also his taking the fall for a corrupt man (Harvey Dent). Blake is insightful, but bases things largely in his own personal experiences – of being an orphan, for example. He shows the natural way that SiNe pieces together information quite well; he comes across as “intuitive” due to him using what he knows and has found out to extend out into the bigger picture. Blake understands it’s more important to protect Gordon than himself, he tries to protect the kids as best he can, and he figures out the trap intended to keep the cops underground—but not in time to save them.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

He has a strong sense of moral right and wrong, an incorruptible nature, and easy access to disappointment when others fail to live up to his high personal standards. Blake is a good motivator, but also disapproving of Bruce no longer serving the community. He saw him as a force for good, and supported what he did in Gotham. He values Bruce’s personal sacrifice, but doesn’t want to see him give up. In that way, he pushes others to improve themselves. His 2 wing is devoted to helping – he doesn’t turn away when others need him, and it’s strongly implied at the end that he will take on the mask and become Robin. But he helps out of a place of 1 duty and not 2ish desire for affection.