Fox spends his days locked in the basement at Wayne Enterprises, coming up with inventions. He has overseen and perfected memory cloth, various weapons technology, microwave transmitters, and the all-terrain vehicle that becomes the Batmobile. Innovation requires total understanding of the components and how they interact with the whole. Bruce often turns to him for problem-solvers and new ideas when it comes to perfecting his Batsuit. Fox rationally offers him solutions, and points out the pros and cons of using the technologies. He shows typical low Fe, in being relatively unconcerned with making a good impression, but having a general sense of morality. Foxe is uncomfortable with the idea of spying on people en-masse, and relieved when Bruce has him destroy the tech once they complete using it. Fox feels a sort of pull toward serving greater society, which he can do from behind a desk as Batman’s “innovator.” He comes up with a wide variety of ideas and technologies, but is also “not stupid” – it doesn’t take him long to figure out that whatever Bruce has planned is not legal, so it’s best if he knows nothing about it (plausible deniability); he appears to figure out Bruce’s identity before Bruce realizes it, or before Alfred enlists his help with the anti-toxin – well, he would, since he easily figures out that as soon as Bruce starts visiting his department, a “Batman” is prowling the street. When confronted with the toxin in the first film, Fox says it will do no harm unless ingested, and then instantly connects that to the missing wave transmitter, which vaporizes water, and knows what Ra’s intends to do. He’s methodical in his work and capable with details (good Si).

Enneagram: 5w6 so/sp

Fox for years spent all his time inventing things at his own pace and becoming something of an expert in his field, and he is delighted when Bruce Wayne comes to him for a special set of new toys, since it allows him to continue working on and modifying various things. He has little ambition, and instead does not mind hiding away from the world, tinkering with his mechanical inventions rather than overly engaging in the world around him. A good-natured man, he isn’t above using humor to soften a situation or warning someone to be careful not to be caught with something (doesn’t mean he didn’t make it, or intend for it to be used, though!).