Gordon is initially skeptical of Batman, but after several positive interactions with him, becomes a supporter of him and reliant on him to do what the police cannot – such as pluck someone out of China and deliver him for justice. Gordon has a conceptual understanding of how the world works and tries to both play the game, and work outside of it – he accepts that his coworkers take bribes but does not participate himself. He knows how you get things is by starting at the bottom and working your way up. He balks at the idea of allowing Batman to take the fall for Harvey Dent, but also sees the bigger picture, in recognizing that Batman can “take it,” being chased. He sees Batman must, for awhile, be cast as the villain, in order to help Gotham survive. Despite being curious about Batman, Gordon spends no real resources on attempting to determine his identity, and takes things at face value, such as believing Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, reckless playboy, simply because he puts on that persona. In an attempt to capture the Joker, Gordon fakes his own death – because it’s a rational way to draw their enemies out of hiding and cripple them, but in so doing, he leaves his wife’s emotions out of the equation. Though he loves and cares for her deeply, informing her would compromise the truth and risk revealing his survival, so he let her suffer for the greater good. He is a competent cop and realistic about his own capabilities – “There was nothing I could have done [to save Rachel],” he tells Dent, because they simply got there too late. A principled man, despite all attempts from his partner and others to corrupt him, Gordon refuses to take bribes or extort people on the street. He does not approve when others do it, but also does nothing to stop them – both out of “it’s none of my business,” and because to do so would single him out, target him, and cause him to wind up dead.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

He believes in living the right way, despite being in an incredibly corrupt police force. Gordon doesn’t participate in the underhanded dealings of the other cops, and takes offense, later, after trying to clean up the department, at the idea that Harvey is lumping him in with them or doubting his hand-picked men. Gordon is something of an idealist, who sees Batman as the hope for Gotham and essential to his survival, and so he does not chase after him as a vigilante. He is quietly firm on his convictions. His 2 wing and fix are tolerant of others mistakes and failures, also warm, open-hearted, and compassionate. He wants to be seen as useful and makes no attempts at self-promotion.