Rachel is more than forthcoming in her feelings about everything from her job to Bruce’s behavior; she tells him it’s not who you are inside that matters, but “what you do.” When she discovers his true identity, she tells him she cannot be with him while he “wears a mask” (the face he pretends to be – a lazy, billionaire playboy). She pushes on him the idea that he must step outside himself and care more about society; look beyond his own pain to Gotham’s corruption and rotten core, to the people who need him, to live up to his father’s legacy and become a hero. Her assertiveness sometimes gets her into trouble, since she is the first person to step forward with authority. Rachel can be ruthless in her criticisms of anyone or anything that gets in her way, and she knows her own mind well enough to assert it, but she is not entirely objective, nor does she stop to think about the potential logical ramifications of her actions – she operates purely on her sense of right and wrong (inferior Ti). She (somewhat incorrectly) assumes that because she is a DA, everyone is subject to her legal authority – and this assumption backfires in the asylum and with her enemies. Rachel does not let go of the Bruce she used to know, both as a child and as a young adult; she tells him she loves that version of him, and for a time, is willing to wait for him to remove the mask and return to her. Rachel’s assessment of the problems within Gotham are all based on her own former experiences (“that usually means, start with the river”). She believes in making a real, immediate impact but also in shaping the future. Rachel sees potential in Bruce but feels at first that he is not living up to his greater self. She often makes correct inferences (her boss is dead, and there’s “something suspicious” about others’ behaviors), but she does not sense Bruce’s identity until he hints the truth to her. Rachel can also be somewhat naive about the danger she is in (if she wants to go to an asylum in the Narrows, she’ll damn well do it, thanks).

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Rachel is very fixated on the idea of right and wrong, her duty to Gotham, and how Bruce should be using his wealth and influence to do good things rather than hiding away from the world or acting like a playboy. She acts on her principles even when others do not like it, and constantly pushes him to become a better person, a better businessman, a better everything. As a social subtype, Rachel focuses on trying to make the world a better place, both through striving for social change and in setting a good example through her hard work and dedication. Her 2 wing focuses her outward on helping society improve itself, as well as allows her to accept that Bruce isn’t a completely lost cause, but allowed to have his own human failings.