Selena is the ultimate sensory opportunist. She throws herself bodily into her environment, and uses it in interesting ways – knocking Bruce’s cane out from under him and escaping out a window, ripping the apron off her dress and neatly sliding into the backseat of the senator’s car, breaking into the man who double-crossed her’s apartment and into his safe, then threatening his life, and winding up in a fisticuffs free-for-all with his goons and Bane. She has fun showing off her skills, even in prison, where she twists a man’s wrists while doing a cartwheel just to remind people she can take care of herself. She is logical and quick to react, often self-serving in how she chooses to interpret information, but also easily impacted by others’ morality – though she points out that Batman is being irrational in his continual decisions to save other people (“you could have been anywhere by now; gone anywhere and been anything!”), he manages to guilt-trip her into feeling responsible and doing the right thing by staying in Gotham to help him fight. She spouts anarchist ideals but then turns around and saves a kid from being beaten up over an apple, and feels sorry for the family who has been thrown out of their penthouse apartment. Selena shows little capacity to think about the long-term, except in that she wants to re-invent herself, escape her criminal record, and start again, which makes her desperate to obtain the computer software that will erase her from every computer system in the world.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

She wants all the finer things in life and… why should she pay for them? She can just steal them, and be witty and wonderful while doing it. Selena is full of sass, but also driven by a fear of commitment. She runs away whenever anything gets rough, and tries to escape her intense feelings of regret for having betrayed Batman by skipping town. But as a 7, and an ESTP, she’s also rational and calculating – making sure she has leverage when she goes to collect her payment. Her 6 wing feels most at home in a community, looks out for the people she cares about, finds an alliance in Batman (and feels safe around him), experiences guilt at her betrayal of him, and ultimately chooses to find “family” over looking after her own best interests.