Function Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Harvey intends to clean up Gotham, and does so by the quickest methods possible: rooting out corruption among the police, demanding to meet Batman so he can enlist his assistance in kidnapping foreign powers interfering in the corruption of his city, and in persecuting large court cases. He is quick to think on legal terms, and assists Rachel in knowing how to “nail” the bad guys. Harvey is rational; he knows if Batman reveals his identity, the Joker will kill him, so he takes the “fall” for Bruce, hoping to lure the Joker out into the open and get him killed or captured. He has a vision for Gotham as a city devoid of corruption, and is hell-bent on making it that way, until the Joker unleashes “chaos” into their midst and takes him down with it. Harvey foresees how Batman can save his life, and risks it to draw out his enemies; but once he loses Rachel, clearly a part of the vision he had for the future (them together), he snaps and falls into low Se recklessness, impulsiveness, physical violence, and brutality and does not care whether he lives or dies – shooting a driver in the head and wrecking a car, putting a gun to his own head and flipping a coin, kidnapping Gordon’s family and threatening them, etc. Prior to this, however, Harvey also showed tert-Se recklessness, in refusing to go into hiding or back down from threats, in challenging Gotham’s mafia in open court, and confessing to being someone he isn’t. After Rachel’s death, however, he goes into an inferior Fi meltdown of sorts – preoccupied by and consumed with his pain, he sets out to enact vengeance upon anyone remotely connected, and to make them feel the same pain he now suffers, through killing the people they most care about. He fails to distinguish between the innocent and the guilty, and abandons any previous “White Knight” moral system he had, operating out of only his own rage and feelings.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Harvey is clearly the most assertive, aggressive of the gut types – things happen and he responds to them, either through competence or rage. He punches a man in the face and takes his gun in a courtroom after the weapon misfires, then calmly insists on continuing with the trial. He calls out the Joker and challenges him to come for him. He threatens a man with physical violence and even death, before he “turns,” in order to find out information. Harvey goes off the rails and starts playing dangerous games in which he doesn’t care if he lives or dies. His 7 wing is hedonistic and impulsive, but also calculating in certain of his choices, and disinterested in dealing with the pain in ways other than through physical aggression.