The Joker’s entire purpose is to create chaos. He does not want to benefit in any way from his schemes other than to cause disruption and trouble. He’s an expert at reading people. He sizes them up, figures out their weak spots, and pushes them as far as they go until they break apart. He’s intrigued by possibilities – he comes up with plans only to deviate from them when he gets distracted. He’s reckless enough to play a game of chance with his own life. The Joker likes to mess with people and situations for his own amusement. It’s not about any end goal other than fun and chaos. Practicality helps him use facts to his advantage, as well as come up with contingency plans. He bases a lot of his expectations on previous experiences – that Batman will rush to save the girl, and that human nature is so selfish it will seek to preserve its own life at the cost of another’s – but doesn’t mind a shakeup, because his Ne-dom loves the unexpected and is fine with ambiguity. He has a good grasp of irony and an analytical mind that lets him take externally gathered information and figure out how to use it. The Joker is curious about people and events – he wants to see what will happen, so he sets things in motion that will cause a chain reaction. But when thwarted, he’s not upset – merely curious. His insight into how people work allows him to manipulate and intimidate them. The Joker is very playful, outgoing, and entertaining. He can mimic those around him and knows exactly how to get them to react. Since he has no real discernable emotions of his own, he not only has no tangible fear of death, he gets a kick out of feeding off the emotional vibes of others.

Enneagram: 7w8 sx/so

The Joker is calculating and hedonistic, and erratic and unstable, quick to abandon one thing and pull off another scheme, willing to change his perspectives and accept whatever comes down the pike; he is forever chasing new ideas and chaos to alleviate his own boredom, and avoid looking at himself. He also gets off on being the one in charge – in dominating Gotham and terrifying it into submission, in challenging Batman to come and get him, in taking down Harvey Dent (and corrupting him into Two-Face), and in fearlessly taking on a room full of mafia villains. He loves casual shows of power and to prove to others how little he thinks of their petty ambitions for money (he burns his millions of dollars alive, with a prisoner parked on the top of the pile). He offers others chances to do each other harm (saying he welcomes new members to his group, but implying there is only one position open, and leaving them to fight to the death to see who “wins”). He laughs uproariously as Batman beats him up in a jail cell, and eggs on the cops into similar abuse, knowing he can use it as a chance to escape.