Bruce’s main motivations stem from his personal experiences – his desire to clean up Gotham comes from his parents’ death; his choice of a bat to symbolize himself in the minds of criminals comes from his own fear from childhood over them; he struggles to move on from his loss and is meticulous in crafting his image, tirelessly working on the same design again and again until he fine tunes it; he’s also sensory-aware enough to adapt to new situations, using tools meant to keep him alive and give him the upper hand. Where Bruce fails is in his intuition – despite training for months with Ra’s al Ghul, he never once suspects the man of anything nefarious; he does not begin to doubt his identity. He finds it hard to grasp his abstract concepts. It takes him a long time to realize the Joker simply wants to watch the world burn, and he reacts on impulse, never thinking the Joker might have given him the wrong information about Rachel and Harvey Dent (so he falls for the Joker’s trap); he allows Talia to mislead, seduce and betray him, because he simply is not good at intuitively reading into situations or operating on his hunches (inferior Ne). Rather than invent his own things, Bruce largely relies on other, more abstract minds to do it – then he recons the weaponry for his own use. He’s good at fixing things that break, but ultimately has an objective (clean up the city, get rid of the bad guys, and make a difference) based in his own desire to do the right thing. He does not care what anyone else thinks of him, which allows him to endure Rachel’s scorn and distrust (he knows he’s doing the right thing, so her thinking him a worthless playboy doesn’t hurt him as deeply) and play the role of a careless hedonist. Bruce is private in his emotions, refusing to open up to others easily, and rarely making decisions with them in mind; he’s kind to Alfred but also allows Alfred to believe him dead with the rest of Gotham.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

Bruce never backs away from a fight. He leaves Gotham to live the life of a vagabond, in order to understand the criminal mind. He has a tough, no-nonsense manner about him and his natural desire for self-indulgence allows him to play a convincing playboy. But like all healthy social 8’s, he feels a need to protect the defenseless, stand up to the bad guys, and change the world for the better. He’s assertive and rebellious, always insisting on having his way and able to fight through the pain of his injuries, but his 9 wing keeps his temper under control, and gives him a steady, quiet presence of strength. Under stress, Bruce withdraws from others – becoming more introspective, distrustful, and secretive about the truth of his identity and his purpose. He’s willing to become a martyr and play the “villain” to keep Harvey Dent alive in the minds of Gotham as a White Knight.