Constance is trapped in a prison of her own making; she has stayed in the same place so long, cultivating her fears of the outside world and indulging her inability to leave the house that she cannot imagine a different life. She consoles herself through the same meticulous chores each day, from cooking and cleaning to taking care of her sister, and does not notice that the outside world has changed and moved on without her participation or acknowledgment. Constance does not like any changes or disruptions, but at the same time welcomes Charles’ arrival, because he can fix things about the house and bring a sense of needed stability. Or so she thinks. Her inferior Ne underestimates his intentions and refuses to deal with them; she also harbors a fear of any sincere change, seeing it as a threat to her sense of stability. She is a warm, generous, and emotional girl, who easily shares her feelings and finds it equally simple to soothe her sister’s tantrums and eccentricities. Constance adopts a sweet, cheerful demeanor in an effort to keep the spirits of her uncle and sister raised about the house. She is eager to connect to other people, but also fearful of the townspeople, since she knows they believe she poisoned their parents. Constance is not always rational, but chooses to believe what she wants to believe, and what makes sense to her. She is more concerned with others’ needs than her own.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Constance becomes almost pathetically neurotic at the faintest sign of conflict. She freezes and becomes incapable of intervention, which is why she spends all the rest of her time attempting to soothe over disagreements, placate her sister and Charles in their arguments, and making everything “okay.” She successfully numbs herself to things, except under stress, which she develops 6ish paranoia and anxiety. Her first reaction is always to reassure everyone it is “all right,” and then to attempt to smooth things over, followed by pleas for them not to fight. Her 1 wing is principled and dutiful, not wanting to believe herself or her sister of inappropriate behavior, and somewhat fussy in her housework (the need to do things “right”).