Functional Order: Ti-Ne-Si-Fe

Merricat is a detached believer in her own form of logic, which she has constructed based on her own understanding of the world, its threats, and what she knows of superstitions and pagan belief systems. She comforts herself by burying talismans around the house and in the woods, sometimes to excess, in order to keep her and her sister “safe” from the townspeople who regard them with distrust due to their eccentricities. Her detachment and fascination with these things led her to commit a crime in her childhood. Her inferior Fe shows in her persistent resistance toward conformity and her intense emotions under stress. She becomes reactive, defiant, and even causes others emotional turmoil; she expresses her fears openly and can escalate into hysterics. She reads into situations easily, finding fault in their cousin Charles and accurately perceiving he has negative, controlling intentions. Merricat is fascinated with how things work, and the world around her, but from the safety of observation and analysis. She senses Charles intends to disrupt the dynamic of safety and security that she has developed for herself, essentially threatening her Si sense of detail-oriented sameness. Merricat has resisted Ne development, instead falling into a “what I know is the safest thing” mentality that relies on staying home and changing nothing, in order to feel secure. After traumatic events devastate their home, she continues to live in it, stubbornly refusing to change or even imagine leaving the old place for once and for all.

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/so

Merricat embodies all the traits of an unhealthy 5, in that she is an “observer” of life and not a “participant.” She is paranoid and insecure, terrified to leave the house and go into town for simple groceries, and her detached, reluctant-to-engage “weirdness” causes others to look down on her, and even attack her as an outsider. Merricat reacts to them with fear, and gets hatred in return. She builds a complex “safe” system in her own mind, through burying charms and other things around the yard, in a desperate attempt to keep them “safe.” She retreats from danger and hides out whenever she feels threatened. Her 6 wing brings in a dose of extra paranoia and suspicion, distrusting anyone new that enters their lives, and reacting hysterically at times when threatened.