After Adora’s father loses his business, and her brother dies tending the Clacks, she methodically uses a process of elimination to figure out how to jam the Clacks, so she can sabotage the man responsible for ruining her family. She spends the rest of her time attempting to organize the Golems and advocate for their welfare. Adora sees Moist as “exploiting” and manipulating them, and will not stand for it. She is plainspoken, a woman of direct action who does not like Moist’s attempts to talk himself out of hot spots. That strikes her as refusing to take personal responsibility for his actions. She is an effective organizer of the outside world, collecting people and assigning them responsibilities, in her determination to bring down the villain. She is pleased by the end of the book to have her hands on the Clacks, and already has new ideas about implementing superior methods and turning a profit. (Moist teasingly says he’d love to get his hands on her “assets” and talk about a “merger,” but she is somewhat skeptical of the idea. She has no intention of yielding her power.) She devotes herself to tasks in the here and now, and ones that she knows can be successful given her personal experience. Adora goes through lines of Clack messages line by line, for months on end, without ever getting sick of it, to find a foolproof way to jam the machine. She keeps meticulous track of her progress, while she determines her intention of what to use the knowledge for (beyond just jamming them and causing them to go down, creating a loss of profit for the owner). She sees the Golems as being abused by society, and advocates for their rights, even though they do not “mind” helping humanity (it is their job, after all). Adora has general suspicions about Moist, but fails to draw the accurate conclusion (he ruined her father, because his scheme brought down their bank) until Moist tells her the truth. She has little tolerance for his general “nonsense” and “fool-hardy” plans.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

Adora is a tough-talking, no-nonsense woman that… well, frankly everyone on the street fears. She threatens to put a stiletto heel through Moist’s foot into the floor if she doesn’t like what he has to tell her. Her anger is quick to flash to the surface and she does not hold it back. Like all somewhat healthy 8s, Adora does not like to see weaker things preyed upon, and takes a hard line with Moist over his treatment over the Golems. She sees them as weak and needing dominated for their own good. She also tames a horse that no one else can ride, because he knows she isn’t about to put up with his antics. Her 9 wing balances out the 8 and makes her less interested in adventures than in quietly, privately working through her issues and maintaining a sense of control over her environment.