Functional Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Moist is an opportunist who hates inactivity so much, by the second book he is breaking into his own office just to entertain himself. He starts out by selling a horse, then uses that money to buy a better one, and keeps trading up until he can afford bonds. From there, he moves into cheating people in various ways out of their money, excusing his behavior by refusing to think about the broader implications and consequences of his actions (he pays no mind on the impact of this until he sees it in person). Once Lord Vetinari forces him to take over the post office, Moist latches onto new ideas about how to run the place. He innovates stamps (the notion of trading cash for a way to avoid physical manual labor) and sells the idea of a competition, of the daily post, etc., with having no real awareness of how to implement any of that. Moist feels totally overwhelmed by the backlog of letters in the post office, but shows no interest in actually delivering them himself, unless it involves carrying a package to the love of his life. Once he becomes aware of how his actions hurt her, he is haunted by his past mistakes. He sees logical ways to earn a living through cheating, stealing, and swindling his way across Discworld. These actions make sense to him and put money in his pocket, but are fundamentally immoral. It is not until he sees the consequences through the visions / dreams the letters in the post office gives him that his tert-Fe begins to feel shame, and a sense of larger responsibility toward the community. Moist has thus far only used his Fe to manipulate people with, appealing to their emotions and then discarding them when he loses interest. He feels guilt but eventually confesses the truth to Miss Dearheart. It’s only through his involvement with the Golems that he is forced to deal with his past, since they refuse to allow him to escape—literally.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Moist runs away from all his problems, and wants to escape the consequences of his actions by evading the Golums. His 7 gives him a sense of boundless optimism and enthusiasm, despite his circumstances. He innovates a clever scheme to escape jail, using a spoon to dig out of his cell, and then finds it deeply unfair that they gave him a sense of “hope” only to execute him a few minutes later. He accepts Lord Vetinari’s offer to handle the post office, thinking he can skip town. Moist feels so overwhelmed with guilt once he discovers the tremendous impact his swindling had on others (suicides, murders, depression, banks closing) that he becomes hard on himself, showing his disintegration into 1. His 6 wing is friendly and confident, but also anxious and reliant on others to feel secure in his new position. He uses charm to try and win over people, but it doesn’t work on Miss Dearheart. As an sp/sx, Moist is primarily concerned with his own well-being, but also drawn intensely to a woman. Being so-blind, he struggles to care about the wider community.